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Modern Furniture Blog
Modern Design Blog

A blog about thought-provoking, forward-thinking modern furniture, lighting & decor.

Interactive LED Coffee Table

Evil Mad Scientists are behind what we believe to be the beginning of a revolution in how digital technology will become an integrated part of home living. After having drooled over Microsoft’s Surface videos on Youtube, and how awesome touch-screen technology could be, we’re quite impressed with the LED Coffee Table from EvilMadScientist. Their Interactive LED Coffee Tables have been stirring quite a buzz on the web, and into the homes of ultra-modern enthusiasts. While working off a completely different technology and principle, I’ll settle for one of these for now. Currently available in two models, this Coffee Table consists of a surface containing hundreds of LED lights that respond to motion above the table. Check out their demonstration video.

February 15th, 2008 by Christina

More from the Vegas show…

The IORI infuses the tradition of old world Japanese design with today’s meditation needs, by providing the stylish functionality of the Murphy bed. When closed, this bed becomes a piece of furniture in a room, available in different finishes to best suit any setting. When opened, this unique seat is transform any space into a zen oasis.

February 14th, 2008 by Christina

3 more from the Las Vegas Furniture Market

The Portland Table Collection

The Portland table collection by Adesso provides a look of contemporary elegance with a magical touch of mid century charm. Available in a coffee table, an end table as well as a two drawer end table each made with four round wood legs.

Blaze Light Table

The Blaze light table by Adesso is uniquely designed to provide subtle illumination and infusing a cozy ambiance in any contemporary space.

Paramount Lounge Chair
The Paramount Lounge chair by Adesso is the perfect combination of modern meets retro. This comfy chair is ideal for reading  and relaxing.

February 8th, 2008 by Christina

January 2008 Las Vegas Furniture Market

With the Las Vegas Furniture Market almost a week behind us, we’re now able to start unpacking our suitcase full of catalogs, sell-sheets and binders. Sin City is always an exciting place for many reasons, but for the purpose of this blog, we’ll just stick to modern furniture. Over the next few days, we’ll be covering some highlights from the January, 2008 Las Vegas Furniture Market.

Cyber Relax Massage Chair
The Cyber Relax Massage chair by Fujiiryoki is the perfect chair for relaxing luxuriously in style, allowing you to indulge in a massage that feels as if you have your own personal massage therapist at home.

Inada Robo Chair
The Robo chair by Inada is truly a dream come true. This voice activated massage chair will make you feel as if you have your own personal masseuse.

February 6th, 2008 by Christina

Skate Study House


Skate Study House
Pierre-Andre Senizergues, designer/entrepreneur responsible for Etnies, Emerica and eS Shoes, teamed up with fellow skateboarder, Gil Le Bon de Lapointe to create the latest buzz in modern furniture, the Skate Study House. Paying homage to classic designers such as Isamu Noguchi, Charles & Ray Eames and George Nelson, these boys put an ultra-hip modern spin on MOMAfied iconic pieces, constructing their inspired reproductions out of skateboards. Yes, skateboards. We really dig the interpretations of the classic Nelson Bench, Eames Lounge and Noguchi table.

The Skate Study House is exhibiting January 28 – February 4, 2008
213 rue Saint-Honore 75001 Paris, France phone: +01 55 35 33 90

January 25th, 2008 by Christina

This Week’s 6 – Bridging the Gap between Spage Age and Modern Human Existance

This week’s 6 pours yet another layer of concrete over the notion that we, the people, are becoming only more and more fascinated by the great unknown. We’re embracing a space-age mentality that fills voids in our quest for unlocking universal truth, our need for constant evolution, and our affinity for all things state-of-the-art and cutting edge.

Man on Mars? Or is it just a rock?

As I do everyday, I awoke to CNN this morning, but today it was a recap of Anderson Cooper’s coverage of a “man on mars”, as depicted in photography taken by Nasa’s Mars Rover, That little robot that will crawl Mars’ surface for infinity. While the authenticity of the photograph is undisputed, the depicted subject matter is certainly up for debate. Is it a man? Or is it a rock? You decide. If it is indeed the latter, we still face an important question, given the recent media attention given to last week’s “UFO sightings” in Texas. Is the media becoming more obsessed with the idea of extra-terrestrial life? Or is it simply becoming more conscious of the notion that we’re not alone?

Unlocking universal truth is certainly at the forefront of Virgin’s grand plan. Today, they unveiled their design for what they are calling, ‘Virgin Galactic Tourist Spaceship.’ Launching this summer through a series of tests, “2008 will be the year of the spaceship,” according to Virgin Group founder Richard Branson. (Be sure to check out the folding egg chair seating inside)

Virgin Galactic Tourist Spaceship

Virgin Galactic Tourist Spaceship

For those who simply won’t be able to afford the ticket to outer space, Globus Artifort provides another way to escape into the space age, with their ultra-slick Mobile Office Pod. Featuring a slick design consisting of a ball that opens into a workstation, this Pod is sure to hit the contract market sooner or later and provide a public solution for professionals on the go tending to personal matters.

Globus Artifort Mobile Office Pod

There’s no argument over people’s growing fascination of anything pod-like. The pod universally speaks to the human soul of another place—a place somewhere between the future and a not-so-distant past. Perhaps this place is here and now. Becoming increasingly popular are pod-like hearths from above. Available in different styles from different manufacturers, these fireplaces actually give the illusion that aliens have landed in your living room. It’s roots in the otherworld make for an astonishing centerpiece that works surprisingly well in any style of living space.

Suspended Fireplaces

The Pod form has also proven time and again to offer as much in the way of function, portability and convenience as it has in stylish relevance to everyday life. A perfect example is the pod-shaped Eggo from Brazilian appliance company Brastemp. The Eggo is essentially a portable washing machine for your time-sensitive laundering needs, and resembles a friendly little android ready and willing to do laundry. Great for apartment use, or for people without the time, energy, or quarters to keep a clean stash, this pod definitely fills yet another void in modern living.

Brastemp Eggo

The Vistosi Diadema ceiling lamp takes a completely different approach to satisfying our craving for space age in the home. Quite arguably the polar opposite of the pod, this chandelier embraces the rod. Through repetition of beautifully transparent hand-crafted glass tubes, the Diadema conjures up images of the home planet of the world’s favorite red-cape wearing super-hero.

Vistosi Diadema

January 24th, 2008 by Christina

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