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Morning Meditation & Vocal Toning Creates a Blissful Day

Whether you are working late nights, running around with the kids, have a new baby to care for or you simply can’t fall asleep, you can sometimes wake up feeling groggy, sore and just plain exhausted. My first instinct is to run to the coffee pot for some liquid energy- which of course helps, but another great method is to start a daily practice of morning meditation and vocal toning.

Image result for sitting in bed meditation

Even if you don’t think you know how to meditate or you’ve tried and couldn’t sit still, just 5 minutes in the morning is a great way to begin, which can eventually increase overtime. Meditation comes in many forms, joggers say they enter a meditative state on their runs and caregivers say they can enter a meditative state when washing the dishes or folding laundry – menial and repetitive tasks – but what they do is help clear the mind through moving the body. This form of morning meditation requires stillness, breathing and using your vocal chords – which is great because who wants to immediately jump out of bed and do chores when we are already feeling tired.

Upon waking, sit upright in your bed, you can have a pillow behind your back or you can find a comfortable place on the floor, place a pillow underneath your bottom or even go outside if you have a backyard and the weather is nice. Sit crossed legged and take 3 deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel your chest and belly swell with each inhale and on the last breath blow out as much air as you can.

Related image

You may start to feel tingly and relaxed, you may even want to go back to sleep but this is when the fun part comes in. On the fourth breath you inhale deeply and upon exhaling – let out a giant “AUM,” or “OOOOOOOMMMMM.” Let it out for as long as your exhale is, then inhale again and repeat. The sound “OM” is a powerful mantra and upon saying it especially as loud and openly as you want, its vibration recharges your mind and body and wakes up the senses in an organic and calm way.

Image result for person chanting om

This mantra increases concentration, rejuvenates the mind, clears away negative or obsessive thoughts, removes toxins from the body,  decreases stress, anxiety and blood pressure. Once you have sufficiently repeated this mantra – sit in silence for several minutes. You will find your head is clearer, your body feels more awake and the grogginess and sleepiness has dissipated.

Image result for happy person doing power pose

This is great to do as a daily practice but sometimes I forget and honestly – sometimes I just don’t feel like it – but whenever I do take the time to do this short morning meditation and vocal toning,  I feel calm, collected and focused throughout my day and things flow more smoothly.

Dusty Blue – Subtle, Traditional, Versatile

Dusty Blue is traditional dark blue having a grayish hue to it. It is calming and draws the eye to it subtly without overpowering. This color looks incredible with a room dominated by a linen white, cream and a bronze or taupe color scheme.

The magical quality of dusty blue is that it captivates attention without being so prevalent that it it becomes a discussion by every person that walks into the room. However, it may draw attention to artists, designers and a few observational souls.

Dusty blue is a very versatile color.  You can use dusty blue as the color on an accent wall, the entire walls of a particular room or in a few pieces throughout the space. If you don’t prefer white and beige colors or browns and earth-tones, you can pair it with pastels. Pale yellows and soft pinks make great partners to dusty blue.

Another great feature of dusty blue is you can create a colorful room without using white, such as dusty blue mixed with soft pink and add splashes of more vibrant, eye-catching colors as decor within the interior space.

Not sure of what splash of color would work best? Try sage green. It really adds a whole other element to the landscape without overpowering.

Dusty blue is a color you can have a lot of fun and flexibility with, experiment with your space and see where it takes you!





July 24th, 2017 by Alex

Latin American Andean Interior Design

Immersed in intricate, interweaving patterns in a vibrant color palette of hot pinks, lime greens and neon oranges, the design style of latin america and the “andean” counties, specifically in places such as Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia can bring a festive and energetic flair to your living space.

From a distance the intricate patterns of interlocking triangles, vertical lines and interwoven geometric and biomorphic shapes is recognizable and formulates one large pattern however, what makes this style distinct is all of the smaller details in the mix that at first glance are not necessarily the main focus but upon a close-up view and observation become strikingly apparent.

The color scheme in these designs is another key component in its originality and beauty. The brilliant and eye-catching color combinations come to life because they are in striking neon hues where every color featured is amplified calling attention to it while the hints of black and white also serve a main role in defining and separating the patterns and shapes.

These colors and patterns are used on almost any surface as well. Whether it be a table top and legs, upholstery on a sofa, a lamps shade and base or a decorative sculpture, the entirety of the home furnishings is covered leaving no stone unturned. Even parts unseen such as underneath the table are covered in the vibrant colors and detailed patterns.

You could transform an entire room in your house to fit this flavorful style or simply add a few eye-popping pieces of furniture and decor to the equation. Whichever you choose, expect to feel a little more energized and cheer surrounded by this latin american / andean interior design style.


July 21st, 2017 by Alex

Lions Symbol of Protection in Design

The lion, a regal creature with great power, hunting abilities, a strong family structure and majestic appearance is not just the “King of the Jungle” protecting the land and all the animals within it, but also the King of the Home.

The symbolic representation of this royal animal can be see in the stone lion we see guarding the entrance way of homes, estates, palaces and buildings has a rich history in design. These exterior fixtures have their origin in China, they were known as Foo Dogs or Shishi meaning “stone lion.” These ancient symbols stood outside of imperial palaces, imperial buildings, government buildings, temples and homes of the elite.

They represented protection, often in pairs, which symbolized both protection and stability in the home and those dwelling within it.

They are made of stone, bronze and marble shown in various sizes, some are very large, almost the size of the home they are protecting.

The guardian lion can be found all over the world, an excellent example in the United States can be found outside of the New York Public Library in NYC.

The symbolic image of the lion, with its mouth fiercely or sitting with a stoic posture and strong presence has transitioned to not only exterior design demonstrating its protective quality but can be found inside the home or building as a watchful guardian for the space and the dwellers within it.

July 20th, 2017 by Alex

Contemporary Chic Grayscale Monochromatic Design

Well, you can have it! The features in this chic and contemporary living room come down to a few furnishings and a paint job! The best part is, if you don’t have time, energy or resources to repaint your space, a white, gray, dusty blue or off-white will work just the same.

Let’s get started: The unique coffee table you see here is called the Noguchi coffee table. The sofa and lounge chair set you see here is mid-century modern / contemporary design with dusty grey fabric. The metal legs on this sofa and lounge chair set provides a nice contrast with the wooden base of the coffee table and also reflect light to brighten the space. The Waverly Sofa, The Elysian Sofa, The Darwin Sofa and The Dexter Sofa are similar designs. The cream colored lounge chair to the left of the photo lightens the space especially with such darker colors. The Kjaerholm PK20 Leather Easy Chair is similar to this design and comes in a variety of colors.

Add a few accent pieces and decor such as The Duke Candleholder and The Outreach Arc Lamp or the Sussex Floor Lamp to get you started – but once you have your main pieces, it’s easy to start to experiment with your own style in the overall motif. Have fun!



July 19th, 2017 by Alex

The Nelson Swag Leg Desk

The Nelson Swag Leg Desk is a fresh take and highly accurate reproduction of the original by mid-century modern designer, George Nelson. He was among the leading pioneers of the mid-century modern ideals where form meets function – and of course style!

The desk is made of high-quality materials such as solid wood, stainless steel and melamine.It’s sleek white top features colorful, eye-catching dividers that can add a splash of color or complement an already vibrant decor. Additionally, the vibrant dividers separate storage space for organization purposes and the shelf above them provide additional room for more desk space when working.

The style of the legs, similar to an upside down wishbone on both sides provide immense stability and strength. This desk is perfect for teenagers, children or as a small study area and work space for adults. It pairs nicely with many modern, mid-century modern and contemporary seating such as the molded fiberglass Eiffel chair, the upholstered wire chair and the Saarinen arm chair – all of which are highly accurate reproductions of modern classics.

My favorite aspect of this desk is the beauty of its form in a contemporary fashion with tiny pockets of color without being overtly attention grabbing.

It blends in nicely with other decor and furnishings and allows for more flexibility when it comes to designing the accent pieces and furniture around it. You can find this desk and the chairs mentioned above in high-quality reproductions at trusted online dealers of mid-century modern and contemporary furniture.

July 18th, 2017 by Alex