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Modern Furniture Blog
Modern Design Blog

A blog about thought-provoking, forward-thinking modern furniture, lighting & decor.

Vibrant & Modern Mexican Inspired Furniture


During the winter months, I dream of taking a vacation to somewhere…anywhere…warm and tropical. The Acapulco chair and the Innit Chair are modern Mexican inspired furnishings created by Innit that help fuel the desire. These indoor/outdoor chairs look like beautiful sunburst rays and come in a variety of bright and vivid colors. Their design inspiration comes from time-honored Mayan hammock weaving techniques with a touch of retro-modern aesthetic form.

Innit Chair by Innit

Innit Chair by Innit

Acapulco Chair by Innit

Acapulco Chair by Innit

Acapulco Chair by Innit

Made of flexible and yet durable vinyl cord, these Innit collection chairs create a comfortable cradling effect for plenty of tranquil lounge time!

Sleek & Sexy Acrylic Furniture by Spectrum West


At first glance, this collection of stylish furniture by Spectrum West looks like it is made from extremely fragile glass that I would never dream of seating on! Good thing all of these modern pieces are constructed from acrylic – which some say is superior to glass when it comes to furniture because it is half as heavy and has a higher transparency rate than glass. Additionally, acrylic can be shaped more easily with invisible seams when welded and polished correctly. 

The Drape Table by Spectrum West

The Drape Table by Spectrum West - Bottom View

The Drape Table by Spectrum West - Side View

Pocket Table by Spectrum West

Clear Question Mark Chairs by Spectrum West

Thrown Chair by Spectrum West

Conic Dining Table by Spectrum West

Simon Says Tables by Spectrum West

Jetson Side Table by Spectrum West

Curved Air Bed by Spectrum West

Wave Chair by Spectrum West

Martini Side Table by Spectrum West

The acrylic collection by Spectrum West is functional, artistic, fluid and in my opinion, absolutely stunning! Many of the designs are created from a single sheet of acrylic and then run through a laser cutter for proportion control. Each design is then sanded, buffed and polished by hand. The remaining acrylic sheets are either re-used or returned to plastic manufacturers for recycling. These sleek and sexy home furnishings would look incredible in any modern or transitional home.  

Multi-Functional Fireplaces for Small Spaces


It is a frosty December day in New Jersey and nothing would be nicer than to cozy up next to a warm fire. However, many of us don’t have fireplaces built-into our homes and we might not have the space to place a portable one either. Fortunately, Buhler offers elegant bedroom dressers and media stands with fireplaces inserted into the furniture piece.  The Logan and Medeira come equipped with sturdy shelves and drawers for storing clothing and personal items and spacious tops for placing a television or other media device. You can enjoy the luxury of a toasty fireplace while watching your favorite movie right from the comfort of your bedroom.

The Logan Fireplace by Buhler

The Medeira Fireplace by Buhler

The Ginza Fireplace by Buhler

The Shibuya Fireplace & Periscope by Buhler

These multifunctional fireplaces are the perfect way to add style to your home décor without sacrificing efficiency.

How Pizzaro! Funky Colors to Dine in Style


I absolutely love the look of striking accents within a minimalist modern home. The eye-catching Pizzaro Dining Chair designed by Zuo Modern Furniture has splashes of bright colors woven into a bold floral design.

This funky multicolored chair would pair nicely with a sleek and simply designed contemporary dining table to create a strikingly bold dining space in your home.

International Contemporary Design: Teak Root and Suarina Wood Furniture

International Contemporary Design (ICD) has an incredible collection of furniture pieces made from solid teak root logs and natural suarina hardwood giving them an ultra-modern look with a rustic twist. This collection includes coffee tables, dining tables, end tables, benches and consoles. While some of the furnishings are constructed entirely of wood, others are paired with sturdy steel frames and glass tops.

ICD Santiago Coffee Table (Teak)


ICD Barcelona Coffee Table (Teak)

ICD Tomahawk Bench (Suarina)

ICD Borneo Coffee Table (Suarina)

ICD Diagonal Dining Table (Suarina)

ICD Diagonal Dining Table (Suarina)

ICD Teak Orb Coffee Table (Teak)

Many of these furnishings look more like artistic sculptures than actual furniture but rest assured they are well-designed and completely functional pieces that can enhance your space with naturally beautiful elements.

Unique Ornaments to Customize Christmas

If you celebrate the winter solstice and you are anything like me, you immediately start hanging decorations as soon as the Thanksgiving leftovers are stashed away. Regardless of your religious beliefs, decorating your home in evergreen branches or putting up a Christmas tree and adding embellishments is a beautiful way to come together with friends and family and to warm your home with good cheer.  One of my favorite parts of decorating the tree is getting to pull out all the ornaments I’ve collected over the years.  There are, of course, the traditional ball ornaments and lights but it is truly the creative and unique ornaments that add a personalized touch to my tree that I absolutely love. Below are some fun, interesting and beautiful ornaments to inspire your holiday decorating!

Wooden Sea Creature Ornaments

Plastic Game Controller Ornaments

Floral Blue and White Ball Ornament

Funny Hooligan Ornament

Photography Camera Ornament

Planet Saturn Ornament

Yummy Strawberry Ornament

Mosaic Ball Ornaments

Terrarium Clear Ball Ornament

Artsy Hand-Blown Glass Ornament

There are tons of specialty ornaments out there to help you find the perfect theme for your tree. However you decide to decorate for the holidays, just remember to have fun and celebrate the joy of being alive!