Move over egg chair…

Lomme Egg Bed

and make room for the Egg Bed.  Designed with the same egg shape we’ve all come to love in the well-known egg chair, it’s impossible not to notice the Lomme bed.  A good night’s sleep makes all the difference and the designers at Lomme are well aware of this.  Lomme is the result of two years of sleep habit research and is designed to be a place to rejuvenate, meditate, and of course sleep.

There’s more than meets the eye with this bed.  A color wheel enables you to adjust the strength and color of the internal light to best suit your mood. An invisible iPod allows you to play music, as the shape of the Lomme blocks external noise. The mattress is made of memory foam and is even available with a built-in massage system. The Lomme is a piece of furniture that seems to have everything, while looking like a work of art.  There doesn’t seem to be any good reason to not take a second look.

November 12th, 2008 by Christina

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