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Another Kind Of Sputnik Lamp


When I hear Sputnik Lamp I think of the retro modern piece that’s been adorning homes since the mid-century. I do not picture this. And there’s a good reason. This Sputnik was not designed to resemble the Sputnik Lamp I’m talking about, but instead the other Sputnik – the world’s first Earth-orbiting artificial satellite one. And that it does.

So besides its cool space-age look, why is it I like this lamps o much?  Well to start, its four antennae/light sabers can pivot into different positions so it’s almost customizable.  But mostly it’s because its base can be used as hidden storage. Something not even I expect from a lamp. Very cool. 

This lamp was designed by Shane Crozier.

June 22nd, 2009 by Christina

Teo Jasmin

Teo Jasmin Eiffel Bench

There is something about these chairs that is truly captivating.  I’m pretty sure it’s the contrast between the classic design of the furniture and its bold graphics, but the beautiful close up landscapes and attention-grabbing flags don’t hurt either.

Teo Jasmin Chairs

These chairs come from Teo Jasmin, whose variety of designs includes scenes from popular cities like New York, Paris, and London as well as country flags and a few pop culture-inspired designs. Its collection includes other items created with the same digital printing technique, including pillows and wall canvases. The chairs are still my favorite though. See it all here.

June 19th, 2009 by Christina

Here’s your outlet

I actually wrote this post earlier today, and now I see Apartment Therapy has put up a post about the same thing. Well, I did “discover” this one their sister site Unplggd but still… Anyway here it is –

Outlet Wall

We’ve all had those moments where there are not just enough outlets.  Whether you’ve got too many things going on like the outlet near the end table in my living room where I attempt to plug in the table lamp, my cell phone, my laptop, and about five other things into two slots, or a poorly designed room like my bedroom where the only outlet is in the adjacent dressing area and we have to run an extension cord just to have an alarm clock, it’s happened to the best of us.

Well friends, never again can we say we don’t have enough outlets with this wall. No it’s not wallpaper or some clever new wall art, this wall is indeed covered in outlets. I can say with some confidence that I think with this wall, you’ll have plenty of space for all of your things.

As fascinating as it is, I have to admit this makes me a bit nervous. Even if it’s properly done, doesn’t this seem like it goes against everything we’ve learned in fire safety from day one?  But as art, yes I like it. It’s different, its techie, and it could be practical for those not afraid of fire.

June 18th, 2009 by Christina

You Can Dine Under My Umbrella

Umbrella Chandelier

Sad but true, hearing the word Umbrella always ends up in my humming the so named song by Rhianna. Anyway on to more important things, though even I have to admit the song is catchy.  Simply titled Umbrella Chandeliers, these amazing lighting fixtures are in fact made from umbrellas.  I think the pictures say it all. Wow.

Umbrella Chandelier

With this design, lighting designer Shelly Sabel, proves that even the simplest object can be turned into something truly captivating.  These chandeliers are not yet being mass produced, but have already been featured at the American Design Club’s Hue Are You? And DIFFA’s 2009 Dining by Design (the first image is from this event).  And yes, they are fully functional lights in addition to perfectly dramatic décor. See more from Shelly here.  

June 17th, 2009 by Christina


Anemix Table

What started as thrilling window installations are now available to add something truly unique to your home. The Anemix Home Collection offers piece of functional furniture with a panel composed of a luminescent and reflective layer that offers a wide range of visual effects.  It’s controlled via a remote, so you can impress your unsuspecting guests with a light show even from across the room.

Anemix comes from Chilean lighting design company Luxia.  It was inspired by the natural phenomenon that occurs in the deep sea, where certain species product light to communicate in an environment where natural light doesn’t exist.

Anemix Table

I don’t know about in my home, but I love the idea.  I think it would look great on the tables of a trendy restaurant and maybe even as an entire wall in a club. Definitely original and a definite way to transform a space. More here.

June 16th, 2009 by Christina


Mommy's Chairs

This image isn’t great but the idea is really cool.  Designed by Lucy Merchant, these chairs are called Mommy’s Chairs and their unique form mimics the spontaneity of a child’s rough sketch.  These chairs are actually made of powder coated, recycled steel and while they may seem like a drawing they are fully functional.  Love the simplicity of this idea.  More from Merchant here.

June 15th, 2009 by Christina

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