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Indoor Hammocks: Love This Look?



It’s almost that time of year for relaxing outdoors – on a hammock if you so choose. But if you’re like me and live in an area where it’s only warm for about four months out of the year, you might need some source of relaxation indoors. So…why not bring your hammock indoors?

Throw one up in the corner of the living room or family room for a unique way to enjoy your day – relaxing or watching tv. There are so many options to add neutrals, colors or patterns into a decor with a hammock.

On the other hand, some may believe that hammocks are for outdoors only and that sofas are for relaxing indoors.

What do you think – do you love this look? Or do you prefer hammocks outside?

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April 23rd, 2013 by Katie

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How to Increase Light in Your Home

Happy Monday! Today we’ve got a great post about bringing in light into your home – something super important and mood-lifting as we enter into the warmer seasons!

When decorating, we all want to create the illusion of having more space than we actually have. Even if we have large rooms, we still like to feel we are in a bigger room with nothing to get in our way, right?

There are numerous handy tips and ideas on how to make a space seem larger and lighter by using mirrors and reflective surfaces – and here are a just a few of them:

Natural light line

One key aspect for increasing the light in the home is to assess the line of natural light that is entering the room. You need to think about what times of day you are most going to be in the given room and see where the natural light comes from at this time.

From this you can consider strategically placing a mirror or mirrored surface in the direct path of the natural light. The mirrored surface will project further light back into the room, helping to make it light and airy. You will not actually increase the light level, but give the illusion that the room is lighter than it is.

This is great for rooms that are small or that don’t get a lot of natural light coming in. No matter how many lamps or ceiling lights we use, nothing beats natural light for lifting a room.

Glass sliding doors

Whether you are creating the illusion of light or space, glass sliding doors are fantastic.

If you have a conservatory, you may consider using glass sliding doors to separate the conservatory from the joining room. Using the sliding doors means that you get all the benefit of the light from the conservatory in the adjoining room but still keep the two areas separate.

Another way to use glass sliding doors to give light to your room is in the bedroom. How? By using mirrored wardrobe doors of course! These are great for smaller rooms as the light which comes in the window is reflected and bounced round the room by the wardrobe doors. Also, by using mirrored doors, you get a practical addition to your bedroom – allowing you to check your appearance whilst still creating the illusion of more room and space.

Artificial light

Whilst natural light is always best, that doesn’t mean artificial lighting doesn’t have its merits. For rooms which are really deprived of sunlight, consider fitting a range of light fixtures that increase visibility exactly where you need it. Adjustable lamps, spotlights and dimmer switches are all popular options and allow you to angle fittings so that light is delivered exactly where you want it. Aim lights at nooks and crannies, as well as at mirrors and reflective surfaces, to ensure every corner is illuminated.

What do you think about lighting – how do you incorporate it into your home?

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April 22nd, 2013 by Katie

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Weekly Six: 4.19.13

TGIF. Here’s this week’s Weekly Six:

1 – I can’t stop making smoothies. Here are three unique recipes I have to try!

2 – Love this light – do you believe it’s a DIY?

3 – This Cinnamon Peach Chili is one of my go-to recipes – making it tonight, in fact!

4 – Admiring the kelly green accents on this bed.

5 – Easy and fun DIY napkin rings.

6 – Fabulous coral-orange furniture in a gorgeous space.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those in and around Boston – what a scary week this has been for them.

April 19th, 2013 by Katie


Beds: Made or Unmade?

Yesterday, I came across this post via Pinterest on ten relatively simple things to do that will help you to be happier in your life. The first one, and the one that really caught my eye was to make your bed. Such a quick and easy thing to do – and why not if it will increase your happiness?

For me, I’m the type of person that has to make the bed every morning – it really does increase my happiness by making my bedroom feel more put together, which then transfers to me wanting to tidy up the rest of my home. But for others, this is not the case. I know many people who hardly ever make their bed and have no problems continuing on with their day.

What type of bed person are you – always made or mostly unmade? Do you think it contributes or is related to overall happiness?

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April 18th, 2013 by Katie

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Product Pick: Wind Up Chair

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take a seat and be instantly wound up with more energy? If only that’s what this cheeky Wind Up Chair could do!

Although this modern chair can’t wind you up with this energy, it can provide energy for your mobile phone. Designed by PEGA, the wind-up button on the back of the chair has a hidden plug in for your charger. All you have to do is give the winder a few spins and your phone charges as it unwinds.

Wouldn’t the Wind Up Chair be great in cafes for patrons to charge their phones while they work, eat, socialize?


April 17th, 2013 by Katie

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Look for the Helpers

I keep seeing this quote from Mister Rogers. Maybe you saw it during the Sandy Hook tragedy, but I didn’t. It’s gives you a different perspective when watching the horrifying news on TV. And it helps us to not lose faith in humanity, even though we all really want to.

Praying for Boston….

April 16th, 2013 by Katie