Six different ways of inspiration: Luxe Living Room

How gorgeous is this room? I love pinterest. You type in one word and suddenly you’re bombarded by thousands of spectacular images from pinners all over the world. The key word was “luxe”. And boom — cue in this gorgeous, modern, luxurious yet elegant living room. A mix of different textiles, colors and finishes come together to create this earthy yet gorgeous space. I wanted to see how we could recreate this elegant room on a budget – but still achieve the closest look possible.  Using the six main elements that bring the room together- for the lowest possible price, get this look with our product picks below!  The total came to under $4,000.00. Check it out!

1. Lucida Table – $229.00 via Crate & Barrel

2. Karlee Sectional Sofa in Beige – $985.15 via Furniture Depot

3. Cascada Egyptian Chandelier – $1898.00 via We Got Lites

4. J. Queen Decorative Throw –  $36.97 via Macys

5. Clay Leather Armchair – $745.80  via Decor Price

6. Hi End Accents Mink Faux Fur Throw – $95.10 via Overstock

September 1st, 2015 by Christina

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