Straight Out Of Jersey

via the Art Institute

Eric Jernigan, NJ native and one of twelve ambitious, bright and talented students of the Art Institute of New York will be making his debut on the runway with his modern and eclectic designs from his line, Beauteous Eruption. He described them as “electrically elegant; a mixture of fantasy, control and edge”. His line is inspired by a myth about a goddess trapped in a volcano – each piece is inspired by that character. Through his pieces you see explosions of color, character and a story emerge through the silhouettes, lines and eruptions of fabric. He channels these stories through his pieces – indeed a unique process. Hailing from Newark, NJ – Jernigan is a self taught modern artist who combines his theatrical background with his talent for design, and creation. Learning how to sew at an early age, he began creating very young and was intrigues by the process.

Innovative, modern and edgy are just a few words we can use to describe his futuristic pieces, and we surely hope to see them in the future. Through Eric’s bio on the school’s site, he encourages “With inspiration, there’s always a deeper connection and outcome to your work. Do your research, and explore, it’s what helps a once simple idea turn into a masterpiece.” How true those words are.  He is truly an inspiration, straight out of Jersey!

September 15th, 2015 by Christina

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