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A blog about thought-provoking, forward-thinking modern furniture, lighting & decor.

Mirrored Furniture: The Reflections Bedroom Set by Najarian Furniture

One of the ways to both brighten and to give the illusion of more space in a room is by using mirrors throughout your interior design.  The Reflections Bedroom Set by Najarian Furniture simplifies this process by incorporating mirrors within the design of the furniture.

Each drawer front of the Reflections Chest, the Reflections Dresser, and the Reflections Nightstand has a mirror attached to it. The bed does not have any mirrors on it – which is perfect because as a set too many mirrors may have saturated the composition.Mirrored furniture will give your bedroom a fresh and glamorous look. It can also add another texture to your space by reflecting off of wallpapers and rugs.

In ancient Greece, mirrors were symbols of wisdom and self-knowledge. They reflected the physical world but were also seen as reflections of our souls.  Your bedroom can serve as your peaceful and serene sanctuary – a quiet and calm place for self-reflection.  Keeping that in mind, the Reflections Bedroom Set may be the perfect solution for your sleeping quarters.

Contemporary Twists: The Frank Gehry Color Cube

Add splashes of vibrant color to your indoor and outdoor décor with the Frank Gehry Color Cube. This brightly colored and weather-resistant ottoman is designed by award-winning architect Frank Gehry.

Frank Gehry has designed a number of famous buildings around the world including the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain and the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, CA. Inspiration for the Frank Gehry Color Cube came after Gehry designed a sculpture called “Le Telephone” for French artist Sophie Calle in Paris, France. The sculpture was extremely colorful and colors for the cube were greatly influenced by this original sculpture. Additionally, in 2004, Gehry created the Frank Gehry Furniture Collection which is permanently on display in the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munch, Germany.

"Le Telephone"

The Frank Gehry Color Cube is constructed using one piece of durable roto-molded polymer and is made in the USA. Characterized by sculptural monolithic forms, these pieces feature sleek surfaces and flowing lines. Innovative design for your home décor will always be in-style.


Expert Ideas for Small Spaces: The SquareME Palm FoldOUT Desk

SquareMe Palm FoldOUT Desk - Folded and Unfolded

This SquareMe Palm FoldOUT desk is a cool fold-out desk by Unodot that saves on space and has a super cute design. It is perfect for showing off some unique wall art when folded while also serving as a sturdy desk at your convenience when it is pulled out.  Besides its unique and superior design, it is also handmade from solid Rainforest Alliance Certified woods making this piece both stylish and eco-friendly!

Closeup and detail - SquareMe Palm FoldOUT Desk

SquareMe Palm FoldOUT Desk as Wall Art and Folded

SquareMe Palm FoldOUT Desk displaying unfolding action

SquareMe Palm FoldOUT Desk - Side View

SquareMe Palm FoldOUT Desk with person at desk on computer

Whether you are hanging out on the internet, typing up a paper or starting up a new business, this environmentally responsible, functional, and artistic fold-out desk would make a wonderful addition to your studio space or apartment.

Sharp Design: The Vivian Chest by Vervano

vivian chest by vervano

Recently, I have been thinking about changing up my bedroom set, unfortunately, my maple wood chest and dresser has seen better days.  In my opinion, the best bedroom furniture has a simple look and elegant design. However, I did not want to go for the standard, wood finish, rectangular set. Then I came across the Vivian Chest by Vervano and it was love at first sight!

vivian chest by vervano lifestyle image

This beautifully designed furnishing offers the simplicity of the standard rectangular design but with multi-faceted drawer fronts that pulls the eyes toward it at every glance. In addition to its chic appearance, the Vivian Chest is handmade in the USA using sustainably sourced wood material – making it both attractive and eco-friendly!

vervano vivian chest 3 drawer fronts with multi-faceted design

vivian chest by vervano 3 drawer multi-faceted fronts

The Vivian Chest by Vervano is the perfect addition to any bedroom setting looking for traditional style with a contemporary twist.

The Multi-functional Mag Table by Offi


offi mag table laptop stand

The Mag table by Offi is an awesome little invention that would look great in any contemporary setting. It is made from molded plywood and comes in the choice of a natural wood veneer or high pressure laminate finish.

offi mag table kids table with black laminate finish

With the black laminate finish this table can double as a chalkboard table for the little ones.

offi mag table lifestyle image

There is storage space on the side for magazines or any personal items and the durable surface can be used as a table or even as extra seating!  When flipped on its side, it can be turned into a laptop stand. The Mag Table is both multifunctional and stylish – putting it on my top favorite furnishings for the new 2014 year!

Underwater Dining: Red Sea Star Restaurant

I’ve written about the many amazing habitats that have been built high above us among the canopies of trees – so it got me thinking – what about habitats that reside below us?  There are far less human habitats under the sea but there was one restaurant I found particularly interesting in the Israeli resort of Eilat called The Red Sea Star Restaurant.

This incredible restaurant resides 16 feet below sea level and offers a unique “dry diving” experience. With two large windows at almost every table, diners can observe and enjoy the underwater scenery including the breathtaking wildlife that may pass by and the colorful coral garden surrounding them.

The underwater theme is carried throughout the design of the restaurant. The velvet chairs look like sea-urchins and jelly fish. The lights above are starfish shaped and sand is placed under an epoxy bonded floor below.

Wavy blue underwater light filters through the subsea pavilion from natural sources by day and by night the aquatic kingdom is softly lit by artificial light without disturbing the natural inhabitants.

 The Red Sea Star restaurant is one of the only underwater restaurants in the world and seems like enchanting experience that I would love to be able to see for myself one day.