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August 2013 Summer Series: Beautiful Backyards and Outdoor Accents

As we enter into August, the last month of summer in New Jersey, I am soaking in every second that I can be outdoors enjoying the warm sun and robust natural landscapes in full bloom.  Some of my favorite places to relax are the wonderful spots around my friend’s homes that are absolutely perfect for this summer weather. Beautiful gardens and backyards are a wonderful touch to any home décor, the exterior is just as important as the interior especially during these summer months when we love to gather with friends and family outside. Landscape is an important feature to your home garden but outdoor furniture accents can really breathe new life into a backyard as well.

Japanese Rock Garden (Zen Garden)

Lovely Garden Pond

Beautiful Flower Garden

Wooden Canopy, Lounge Chairs and Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Home Theater

If you missed the chance to create your own outdoor sanctuary this summer, no worries, the summer season shall return!

August 7th, 2013 by Alexandra

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Happy Birthday Andy Warhol

August 6th marks the birth date of a legendary figure in the Pop and Modern Art Movement – Andy Warhol

Warhol’s art encompassed many forms of media, including hand drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, silk screening, sculpture, film, and music. His art flourished throughout the 1960s’s and although he passed on in 1987, his unique style continues to inspire many contemporary artists today.

No Title, 1967

Liz No.5 (Early Colored Liz) 1963

Campbell's Soup Cans, 1962

Marilyn Diptych, 1962

Gun, 1981

Moonwalk, 1987


So, Happy Birthday Andy Warhol and thank you for your contribution!

Funky Furniture Friday: Weird & Interesting Clocks

We are ALL on the clock, but keeping track of time can be fun and challenging with these wacky clocks!

Cooking Utensil Clock for Your Kitchen

Spoke Clock for Athletes and Cyclists

Keyboard Clock for Musicians and Music Lovers

Science Clock with Equations

Floral Clock for Gardeners and Nature Lovers

Optical Illusion Clock


Picture Frame Clock

Finding a clock that reflects a specific room in your home and/or a special interest of yours is a great way to personal any space in your home.

Wall Murals: Beautiful Room Transformers

Whether it be lounging in your living room with a magnificent aerial view of space or falling asleep with a lush evergreen forest in your bedroom, gorgeous wall murals can transform your room into any place you would love to be.  A wall mural creates a striking impact and can dramatically transform any space into a work of art.  Wall murals are excellent options for single rooms or small places.  It can help turn something plain into something beautiful and unique.

Wall Mural of Space with Moon and Earth

Wall Mural of Forest

Wall Mural of City Scape

Wall Mural of Purple Fantasy Tree

Wall murals tell a story about the people who dwell there.  If you don’t have a clear picture in your mind of what you want, a good muralist can help you through the process of deciding by offering up their own ideas in collaboration with yours.  They can help illustrate your ideas, tastes and style for you.

Abstract Painted Wall Mural

Sand Wall Mural

Moon Wall Mural

Outdoors/Camp Wall Mural

Guitar Music Wall Mural

Octopus Wall Mural

Mod Abstract Wall Mural

Lake with Cherry Blossom Tree Wall Mural

Eye Wall Mural

If you are an artist, you may consider painting your own mural – giving it your own personal touch.  If you aren’t an artist but still want to paint your own mural, many places offer paint by number wall murals as well.  Not all wall murals have to be painted on either. If you can’t afford to hire a muralist, you can purchase a pre-made canvas, vinyl or fabric mural and paste it onto your wall or you can opt for wall decals and stencils to brighten up and enhance the space.

Brass Accents and Golden Hues


Shimmering brass accents for the home can really spruce up your space. It is timeless, affordable and adds an eye-catching glittering gold hue amidst your décor.  You can find tons of these unique brass accessories at antique, thrift and vintage shops. You can even create your own brass and golden hue fixtures using Liquid Leaf paint, gold leaf sheets, gold markers or spray paint to give it that brassy look.

Weathered Brass Anchor Wall Fixture

Brass Sunburst Mirror Frame

Brass Side Table and Decorative Wall Fixture

Brass Accents in Kitchen

Decorative Brass Frog

The versatility of this look is another reason it is so appealing. For a more modern home décor, brass details with a high shine, polished and clean lines looks best, but the beauty is you can also go with a more weathered brass look for more masculine settings.

Brass Hanging Chandelier

Brass Accents - Living Room

Brass Accents Decorative Giraffes and Vase

Brass Accent Decorative Cup

Brass Hand Soap Dish

Brass Apple Paperweight

Brass Tree Chandelier

Whether it is an enchanting brass chandelier or simply the brass base of a table lamp, this 2013 home décor design trend can definitely offer a sparkling touch of glam to your home.

Funky Furniture Friday: Food Shaped Beds

Pizza, Sushi, Cupcake and Ice Cream Pillows

Cozy up for the night in a bed that feels as good as it…tastes? These scrumptiously designed beds will make that late night tummy grumble!

Ice Cream Cone Bean Bag Chair

Pizza Bed

Cheeseburger Bed

Banana Bed

Flapjack Bean Bag Chair

Waffle Bed

Hamburger Bed Sheet Set


Baked Potatoe Bed w/ Butter Pillow

Pancake Quilt with Bacon Rug

Chocolate Bar Bed

Peanut Butter and Jelly Pillows

I love food so much I just want to sleep in it!

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