Pumpkin Picks

October happens to be my favorite month of the year. Not just because I celebrated my 2?th birthday this past Friday, but because of the weather being moderately decent, the colorful foliage, crisp apples, and of course the warm pumpkin pie..pumpkin spice lattes…and well, pumpkin everything. Halloween is just another reason to love October. The preparation of finding/making costumes, going pumpkin picking to find the perfect pumpkins to adorn your front steps or centerpieces, decorating said pumpkins with family and friends, and finally the joyous looks on your kids faces when they come home with candy by the bag full. It makes this month a lovely precessor to a busy holiday season. Spending time with family, friends, relaxing and decorating, just being creative and fun can make for so many fond memories. Especially decorating pumpkins. The pumpkin is the center of October, if not the center of the universe. Well, at least for me. Any how – check out six different fun, innovative ways to pump up your pumpkin picks and create a display that will make them fall in love!

Tutorial via Frugal Flourish

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