Poplar Demand

In this DIY day and age where we have the experts (and by experts I mean the people who actually post their creations on Pinterest and other boards that serve as inspiration to us, while we shamelessly try at their attempts and miserably fail) and the moderately talented – it’s hard to keep up. So, I did a little research and found a fun DIY get starter project. It’s literally fail proof. So – I know everyone knows and loves those quotes painted on reclaimed wood. You know – the ones you see in retail stores for $30.00 + ? They’re quite popular – I don’t go anywhere without seeing one or a variation – (i.e. painted wood letters, monograms, etc.) Well – good news – it’s a DIY project that’s great for a starter.

Poplar wood is most commonly used for projects that require painting or staining. It’s because the wood collects the finish/color more evenly due to the way the pores of the wood are evenly distributed in comparison to other types of wood. It’s also relatively inexpensive and can be purchased for next to nothing. Add to that a craft store bought stencil, some acrylic paint – and you’re a pinterest pro. Check out the tutorial here (via Made in a Day) , and roll up your sleeves -you’ll be surprised how simple but beautiful it is to create one!  You’ll be back by poplar demand in no time. =)

September 22nd, 2015 by Christina

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