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Greek Mythology Inspired Home Décor


Artenica's Icarus Pendant Light

In Greek mythology, Icarus is the son of a master craftsman named Daedalus. In his story, he makes an attempt to escape from Crete by using wings that his father made from feathers and wax. This tale inspired the creation of The Icarus Pendant Light by Artecnica. The Icarus Pendant Light is a poetic and majestic light resembling the white wings of a bird in flight. This remarkable design is made from poly material using a die-cut technique to create precise and multiple layers.  Its whimsical look and delicate form make this light a beauty to be loved and cherished adding a dramatic element of contemporary style to your home.

Far East & Nature-inspired Design


Eco Mod is a retro-modern furniture collection handcrafted and made from organic materials by native Korean designer Eve Yun.  Some of the primarily materials used to create these rich earth-tone sofas, chairs and tables include rattan, satin and liana (a climbing wood). With its nature-inspired look and creative style these piece make a bold statement wherever they are seen.

Teriyaki Chair by Eve Yun

Sushi Lounge Chair by Eve Yun

Soba Chair by Eve Yun

Tobiko Sofa by Eve Yun

“The beauty of nature opens my heart and clears my mind to create my designs.”Eve Yun

The Pebble Pure Mattress Promotes a Naturally Peaceful Sleep


Ever since my niece was born, I’ve been curious about what goods are out there that can make her life (and her mother’s life!) a little easier. I stumbled upon a stylish and super-functional mattress called the Pebble Pure Mattress by Nook Sleep Systems that offers breathable comfort, water-resistance and natural support all-in-one.

Pebble Pure Mattress in Sea Glass

Water Resistant Pebble Pure Mattress

This amazing mattress is designed specifically for infants and toddlers. The dual-sided embossed pebble design comes in a variety of pastel colors like blush, sea-glass and cloud-white.  The cover is easily removable and washable and is made from organic cotton, zin, polyester, eucalyptus with a nylon zipper. The core of the mattress is made from certified organic coconut with 1 inch of natural latex foam. The breathability of the mattress helps promotes a longer and deeper sleep plus an oxygen rich environment is believed to be critical for cognitive and physical development in infants.

Pebble Pure Mattress in Cloud-White

Pebble Pure Mattress in Blush

I absolutely adore the Pebble Pure Mattress and it seems to provide the perfect way to give mothers and their little ones a naturally peaceful sleep!

Gift-Giving 101: Words of Wisdom for the Overwhelmed Shopper


The holidays can be an overwhelming time for some. These days, we are bombarded more than ever with advertisements that insist the way to “show our love” is by getting our loved ones expensive gifts. We stretch ourselves beyond our means, racking up credit card bills and battling with total strangers in-stores to get our hands on that last – whatever it might be. Try to remember that gift giving comes from the heart. It doesn’t matter how much you spend, it doesn’t matter if you get them anything at all…the holidays are about sharing an experience with your friends and family members. They are time to reflect on the last year by coming together to remember that there are people in your life who love and care for you. No matter what you decide to give to others this year, remember that material possessions are fleeting, the memories last forever so let love be your guide!

December 13th, 2013 by Alexandra

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Vibrant & Modern Mexican Inspired Furniture


During the winter months, I dream of taking a vacation to somewhere…anywhere…warm and tropical. The Acapulco chair and the Innit Chair are modern Mexican inspired furnishings created by Innit that help fuel the desire. These indoor/outdoor chairs look like beautiful sunburst rays and come in a variety of bright and vivid colors. Their design inspiration comes from time-honored Mayan hammock weaving techniques with a touch of retro-modern aesthetic form.

Innit Chair by Innit

Innit Chair by Innit

Acapulco Chair by Innit

Acapulco Chair by Innit

Acapulco Chair by Innit

Made of flexible and yet durable vinyl cord, these Innit collection chairs create a comfortable cradling effect for plenty of tranquil lounge time!

Sleek & Sexy Acrylic Furniture by Spectrum West


At first glance, this collection of stylish furniture by Spectrum West looks like it is made from extremely fragile glass that I would never dream of seating on! Good thing all of these modern pieces are constructed from acrylic – which some say is superior to glass when it comes to furniture because it is half as heavy and has a higher transparency rate than glass. Additionally, acrylic can be shaped more easily with invisible seams when welded and polished correctly. 

The Drape Table by Spectrum West

The Drape Table by Spectrum West - Bottom View

The Drape Table by Spectrum West - Side View

Pocket Table by Spectrum West

Clear Question Mark Chairs by Spectrum West

Thrown Chair by Spectrum West

Conic Dining Table by Spectrum West

Simon Says Tables by Spectrum West

Jetson Side Table by Spectrum West

Curved Air Bed by Spectrum West

Wave Chair by Spectrum West

Martini Side Table by Spectrum West

The acrylic collection by Spectrum West is functional, artistic, fluid and in my opinion, absolutely stunning! Many of the designs are created from a single sheet of acrylic and then run through a laser cutter for proportion control. Each design is then sanded, buffed and polished by hand. The remaining acrylic sheets are either re-used or returned to plastic manufacturers for recycling. These sleek and sexy home furnishings would look incredible in any modern or transitional home.