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The Multi-functional Mag Table by Offi


offi mag table laptop stand

The Mag table by Offi is an awesome little invention that would look great in any contemporary setting. It is made from molded plywood and comes in the choice of a natural wood veneer or high pressure laminate finish.

offi mag table kids table with black laminate finish

With the black laminate finish this table can double as a chalkboard table for the little ones.

offi mag table lifestyle image

There is storage space on the side for magazines or any personal items and the durable surface can be used as a table or even as extra seating!  When flipped on its side, it can be turned into a laptop stand. The Mag Table is both multifunctional and stylish – putting it on my top favorite furnishings for the new 2014 year!

Underwater Dining: Red Sea Star Restaurant

I’ve written about the many amazing habitats that have been built high above us among the canopies of trees – so it got me thinking – what about habitats that reside below us?  There are far less human habitats under the sea but there was one restaurant I found particularly interesting in the Israeli resort of Eilat called The Red Sea Star Restaurant.

This incredible restaurant resides 16 feet below sea level and offers a unique “dry diving” experience. With two large windows at almost every table, diners can observe and enjoy the underwater scenery including the breathtaking wildlife that may pass by and the colorful coral garden surrounding them.

The underwater theme is carried throughout the design of the restaurant. The velvet chairs look like sea-urchins and jelly fish. The lights above are starfish shaped and sand is placed under an epoxy bonded floor below.

Wavy blue underwater light filters through the subsea pavilion from natural sources by day and by night the aquatic kingdom is softly lit by artificial light without disturbing the natural inhabitants.

 The Red Sea Star restaurant is one of the only underwater restaurants in the world and seems like enchanting experience that I would love to be able to see for myself one day.

2014 Interior Design Trends: Tribal Art and Bold Patterns

Tribal art and pattern inspired interior design, when done correctly can bring a room to life. I wouldn’t recommend decorating an entire room this way but a few accents such as a rug, lamp or wall art will spark visual excitement and give a room a whole new personality.  Many of the bold colors and materials used to create these pieces give a contemporary twist to the tribal appearance as well.

Tribal Print Posters


Tribal Pattern Pillows


Tribal Pattern Ottomans


Tribal Upholstered Chair


Tribal Inspired Wall Art, Rug and Pillows


Tribal Pattern Bed Set


Don’t be afraid to mix looks when testing the waters in your home décor with this 2014 tribal pattern trend.

2014 Interior Design Trends: Floating Shelves

The idea of storage is to create more space not less – that is why floating shelves are one of the hot interior design trends for 2014. Floating shelves are shelving that is mounted to a wall with no external support.  With these beautiful and functional units, there is no longer a need for solid cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom or other rooms in the home where storage space is needed. Minimalism is a central trend that generates more space and creates visual interest. For example, the lack of solid geometry can make a design more intriguing. Additionally, floating shelves take up less space and still offer the same storage capacity as the old solid cabinets.


You can find floating shelves in a multitude of colors particularly for those whose homes are more modern or art deco. They also come in variety of wood finishes for a more traditional look. No matter your style, floating shelves are an extremely flexible trend that can fit into practically any design scheme.

Ancient Art for the Contemporary Home: Mosaic Tables

Mosaic is the decorative art of closely placing an assemblage of small pieces of glass, stone or tesserae to create images. Mosaics have been used to decorate and beautify interior spaces for centuries.  If you can’t afford to fill an entire wall with a mosaic, you can always opt for a less expensive but equally as lovely route – the mosaic table.

Whether you purchase one of these abstract gems or create your own, you will be adding an element of contemporary style and creative flair to your home décor.

Celebrate the 2014 New Year!

Whether you’re spending a quiet evening at home with the family or going to a wild party in the city, bring in the 2014 New Year with a smile on your face and a song in your heart! Happy New Year!!!

December 31st, 2013 by Alexandra

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