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Perfect Morning Detox

There are many of detoxes that are recommended in the world of diets and health. This particular concoction consists of a multi-faceted blend to get your health to a new meaning!

  1. Heat approximately 2 cups of water per person. Use less if you wish to do more of a shot to shot basis throughout the day.

  1. Mix together lemon juice and honey. This mixture alone is perfect for colds and sore throats, providing a wonderful sweet and sour taste.

  2. Turn heat off before water starts to boil and add a teaspoon of ground ginger, cayenne and turmeric per serving. If you feel it needs more or less, adjust the measurement accordingly. Give it a taste-test!

 Stir in the honey, lemon mix and enjoy!

The spiciness of the cayenne mixed with the robust flavors of the ginger and turmeric allows for a kick in the right direction every morning with a soothing aftertaste of honey lemon!

Benefits of Cayenne pepper:

  1. High in Vitamin A 2. Natural Decongestant 3. Studies suggest that Capsaicin located in the cayenne pepper acts as an anti-cancer agent.

    Benefits of Turmeric

    1. Curcumin, the active ingredient in Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory.
    2. Curcumin is also amazing for the hair and nails.
    3. Curcumin supports natural weight loss.

    Benefits of Ginger:

    1. Ginger promotes healthy digestive system. 2. Ginger is also an anti inflammatory.
    2. Great natural remedy for cramp pain reduction during monthly menstrual cycles.

    This cleanse is a great day starter, weight loss tool and all around health booster!
    Healthy days to you!

July 17th, 2017 by Alex

Alternative Living: Pesticides

Pesticides are usually the go to option for the protection of crops and plants. Unfortunately, most pesticides contain a various amount of harmful chemicals such as methyl parathion (penncap-M) and azinphos-methyl. These chemicals specifically, even in residual form, can be very detrimental to the nervous system of the body. In other cultures around the world there are many forms of natural and non-invasive pesticides.

In California, at the Tesco Grape Vineyards, owners introduced the species of the black widow spider to the crop. The black widow spider bite is 15 times more venomous than that of a rattle snake. Tesco wished to eliminate the use of unnecessary pesticides through this and has a “Spider Check” within the production line.

In a New Zealand park, visitors found a silky material layering the tops of a field of grass. As they examined this, they came to the realization that they were in fact thousands of little spiders that weaved a weft across the entirety of the field. Another example of the potentiality of spiders as a replacement of pesticides.

Essential oils are also an efficient pesticide. Neem, clove, rosemary and thyme mixed together can create a broad natural remedy against unwanted pest in the garden. Peppermint can also be a good oil to use but, also pushes out spiders. Spiders can undoubtedly help ward off any other pests that persevere through the already existing essential oil. pesticide.

In the end, using alternative methods of crop protection can lead to a safer, healthier and even more delicious end product!

July 14th, 2017 by Alex

To Paint With Colors Of The Wind

Paints can be an essential part of creating art for you and your children. There are a lot of unnecessary ingredients in store bought paint that can be slightly toxic to the little ones and consume a lot of energy to produce, such as petroleum based products. What if I told you that there are ways for you to make non-toxic paints from home with natural ingredients of the earth?

Mrs. Winters Creates : Painting with pomegranate juice

An experimental artist known as “Mrs. Winters” used different ripened berry juices, pomegranate and tamarillo for a minimalist depiction of her artistic expression. Mrs. Winters came to find that not only did the juices provide a breathtaking hue but, in fact changed aesthetically as time passed. Creating a new art piece as each day passes, mirroring the overall depiction of entropy within nature. She says that it may have had to do with the oxidization of the juice. Add a little salt or vinegar to the juice to preserve the original coloring produced.

Beets are an eye-catching vegetable that is perfect for turning into an all natural paint. Harvesting the juice from the beet and adding a pinch of salt and vinegar allows for preserving and brightening of the hue. Vibrant in color, create magical landscapes and portraits with this must have color!

There are many other natural ingredients able to be used in creating all natural paints such as, turmeric, milk, your favorite flowers and egg yolks. Give it a try and create something new!

July 13th, 2017 by Alex

Up Cycle Chair Upholstery With Old Clothing

Want to de-clutter and rid yourself of your unwanted clothing, love to craft and re-purpose?

A lot of clothing is thrown out when ripped or outgrown. Ask yourself, are you bored with the upholstery of the chairs in your home, wishing you had something to spruce up the room with a little bit of you? With this craft, add another alternative to unwanted clothing by using those favorite jeans/shirts that no longer fit or are ripped beyond repair by up-cycling your chairs!

Materials Needed:
-Fabric of old clothing (sewn to your liking as whole fabric piece)
-Staple gun
-Screw driver (type depends on screws)

Undo the screws from under the seat cushion and remove the outdated fabric, before throwing it out, ask yourself what could potentially be used for now that it isn’t being used as the upholstery for your chair, maybe it can be implemented into an article of clothing!

Lay your newly created fabric down and place the seat upside down on top of it.
Cut the excess fabric, leaving enough room around the edges about an inch to an inch ½.
Pull the fabric tightly and begin stapling so that the fabric is smoothly fastened.

Screw the seat back onto the chair and now you have a re-purposed beauty that is radiating a favorite piece of you!

Watch as friends and family marvel over your modern, innovative and purposeful addition! There are many things that can be up-cycled and re-purposed! Use your imagination and anything you would throw away, think, how can this be reused in someway to create or add to?

July 12th, 2017 by Alex

Alternative Furniture: Wardrobes & Dressers

Sick and tired of not having enough space in your home for the essential storage and have limited space for more furnishings? The advancements in creativity and innovation has brought forth new and spatially efficient alternatives to dressers and wardrobes. Step into the world of spacious living!

This designer decided to eliminate clothing storage entirely from the bedroom. Instead he decided to reinvent his stairs to provide an ample amount of space for him and his family. A safe added touch to this design would be installing locking mechanisms to prevent any unwarranted drawer opening.

A design originally created by designer Ana White, the Laundry Basket Dresser is unique and space granting. In eliminating the extra step of moving the clean laundry from the basket to the dresser and the needed space for the laundry basket itself, Ana has designed a revolutionary product that provides not only extra time but space as well.

This alternative to the common dresser was created by Lavender Gray. In this, the unused walls are creatively turned into breathtaking pieces of furniture eliminating all space issues within the room. This allows for the re-purposing of the already existing dresser or wardrobe. Maybe you can even make a few extra bucks off of the unused furnishings!

July 11th, 2017 by Alex

Alternative Living: Compost

How often are you scraping the leftover food into the the garbage? What if you had a better use for those scraps that would not only benefit the earth but, also your personal garden?

Composting is the taking of food scraps, leaves, pine needles, paper, cardboard and allowing them to decompose to create nitrogen and carbon rich soils. Composting meat or bones of any kind could attract unwanted pests. Orange peels and banana peels may contain unwanted pesticides too. This compost concoction is the perfect brew for your gardens needs.

A compostable toilet is a waterless mechanism that allows for the human excretion to be broken down into yet another nitrogen / carbon based soil. National parks are huge backers of the compostable toilets to ensure that all goes in, goes back out to the earth. There is typically a second composting station to ensure all harmful components have decomposed out of used for the fertilization of soil.

Composting is an amazing alternative to use when considering the care of the earth, our home gardens and our ability to recycle our daily waste for greater more efficient purposes!

July 10th, 2017 by Alex

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