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Magic Carpet

Over the weekend I had visited with some friends out of state. We were discussing the construction of new homes, and how when they received the plans for their home, it included carpet. We all agreed that carpet was a thing of the past. Sure, it could be great as a sound barrier or a cushy stopper for tiny tots who are just learning how to walk. Plus hardwood floors or tile look cleaner, and are easier to maintain. While all of these things may be going through your mind as well – I did some research and found some pretty cool carpeting ideas via, which allows you to build your own carpet by utilizing tiles in different colors, patterns and textures. These tile like pieces of carpet can be configured into some really unique and lovely pieces. Check out these magic carpets, a whole new world of flooring …

Building Blocks of Creativity:  via

July 15th, 2015 by Christina

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Room of Requirement

We all have an idea of what our dream home would consist of. Some of us have started blueprints. Maybe it’s just me. While these prints have changed over years, there is a one design that is engraved into my blueprint. Maybe it’s because of my repeated viewings of The Secret Garden as a little girl, or maybe it’s my infatuation with all things Bond that make this design such a requisite. For starters, I need a library. A grand library with thousands of pieces of literature, from all genres, all editions, all encompassing knowledge and journeys to be taken with the crack of the book. But that’s not the room that I’m writing about today. The room that I’m writing about is the “Room of Requirement” (as safe room gives the annotation that all other rooms are dangerous) – best described in Harry Potter,”It is a room that a person can only enter when they have real need of it. Sometimes it is there, and sometimes it is not, but when it appears, it is always equipped for the seeker’s needs“. This room would serve would ever purpose to the user – for me, I like to get away from the noise and write, or read  my books, and just sit in silence for a bit to gather my thoughts. Throughout history, passageways and rooms have been designed to protect, transport, and provide a place of solace when needed. I have researched the designs and architecture of these rooms, and even found companies that customize them. As always, I have more than six top picks, but here are my fave six hideaway rooms!

Eye Candy

The evil eye, or mati in Greek – is a blue amulet that is utilized in jewelry, clothing, and accessories. It is said to have protective spiritual qualities which shield the bearer from harm, or to bring good luck. Since I was young, my parents have always pinned a mati to our clothing or given us gifts of necklaces with the eye charm. While this symbolic charm can be found hanging outside of homes in Greece, the Mediterranean and nearby regions, the design has become a part of pop culture. I love the idea of wearing one of these, even more I love the idea of home decor that incorporates the design! These pieces are unique, beautiful and hold so much meaning. Here are six different ways this century old tradition has been introduced in modern designs and styles that you will absolutely love!

“Eye” by Sebastian Bergne for Swarovski

“Nelson Eye Style Clock” via Inmod

Mara Hoffman Rug via Anthropologie Reflective Gourd Lamp, Via PinterestThree Teal Peacock Circle Pillow, via EtsyPeacock Acrylic Painting, via

June 30th, 2015 by Christina

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Pitch Perfect

Remember building a Teepees when you were young? Yeah – me too and it makes me super nostalgic! The good news is – teepees have been popping up all over and not just on the playground. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of photographs of south-western style weddings with teepees. I absolutely love them! They are relatively easy to put up (pitch your own – learn how here), and give off a really earthy, artsy vibe. Whether you are looking for a way to have a ball bohemian style, or just relax in an enclosed space in your yard in comfort – there are so many ways to pitch it perfect! Check out six of them below!

Destination: Staycation

For the most part, vacations are chosen based on the destination, then accommodations are found – whether it is a hotel, villa, etc, then itineraries are planned around those. In the last few decades hotels around the world have been trying to provide accommodations for any and every interest you could possibly imagine. These quirky, innovative lodgings are quickly becoming the actual destination as opposed to the geographic location once were. While most people would love a nice beachfront hotel, some prefer sledding with huskies, or sleeping with the fishes in an Atlantis-esque suite.  I could write about these places forever, but I’ve narrowed it down to my favorites. Whatever your interest is, I am sure there is somewhere out there that you’d love, put it on your bucket list today – I know I’ve added quite a few! =) See where your imagination can take you. ..

1. Atlantis – The Palm Hotel, Dubai2. Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

The Library Hotel, New York4. Crazy Bear, England

5. Tsala Treetop Lodge, South Africa6.  The Sweet Escape, Florida

June 25th, 2015 by Christina

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One of my favorite elements of that some New York City apartments boast are beautifully exposed brick walls. These exposed walls are almost like the bones of the place, and give off a rustic, industrial look. I love how they can make such a statement without being too loud or bold – it’s just a really natural, muted look that brings so much life to a space. Of course – they can be added to per taste, but I like the simplicity of just a few photo frames adorning the walls, or even just the bare wall itself. Check out six different ways brick walls were done right! And, if you want to achieve a similar look – try a faux brick wall – tutorial via Pinterest.

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