Best Natural Remedies for Curing Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

Sometimes we just can’t sleep. It may not necessarily be a sleep disorder but we may have a lot on our minds, worried about money, anxiety over an interview the next day or our bodies hormones are just going awry. There are 3 different natural remedies you can use to help treat insomnia to relax your body and calm your mind.

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Disclaimer: Never overuse any of your herbal remedies, just like prescription medication  or over the counter medication, they can have adverse side effects if not used in moderation. 

Valerian Root: Valerian is also known as vandalroot or garden heliotrope. You can find it in your garden and make a tea from it or chew on it in small amounts. You can also find it in vitamin supplement form. It is used to help with insomnia and nervousness.  It has proven to be an effective sedative.

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Kava Kava: Kava Kava can be made into an herbal tea, found in stores as an herbal tea or can be taken in vitamin supplement form. It helps with relaxing muscles and reducing anxiety. It helps with mild insomnia as well. It is very helpful at inducing relaxation and calmness.

Melatonin: Melatonin is a natural secretion we produce in our pineal gland. It comes in supplement form and is used to cure mild to high insomnia. When overused, this particular remedy will lose its potency so take sparingly and only use when absolutely necessary. Try the other herbs first.

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There are many ways to help with insomnia and sleep disorders, but I found these natural remedies to be the most effective and work the best when my loved ones or I are having difficulty sleeping.

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