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Buyers Guide to Furniture Shopping: Tips for a Stress Free Experience

Redesigning your home? Adding a few extra furnishings to your interior design? Before purchasing any furniture for your living space, look over a few of these ways to approach furniture buying to make it a smooth and satisfying experience!

  1. Have an idea in mind of what kind of style you want for your space. You can consult an interior designer or look around online for design ideas.

  1. Make sure you look around for the best seller of the furnishings you want. It is beneficial to look at buyer reviews not only regarding the seller’s performance but also reviews on the product you are thinking of purchasing. Sometimes less expensive can mean lower quality, but sometimes it depends on where the furnishings are being made. If you are making a large purchase, the seller may even work with you with a percentage discount.
  2. Lighting changes the appearance of many fabrics and finishes. If you aren’t sure if the color or finish you want will match, ask for swatches to be sent to you if available first.

  1. If you need the furnishings by a specific time make sure the furnishing you are purchasing isn’t a custom design, these take many weeks to arrive and times differ. Additionally, if a furnishing says 1 -2 weeks delivery, give it a 4 week buffer. This doesn’t mean it will take 4 weeks to arrive, it may even take less than 1 week to arrive, but its important to know that many furnishings come from warehouses in many places and need time to get to you.

  1. Ask any questions you may have about the furnishing so there aren’t any unpleasant surprises when it arrives.
  2. Look around online for lifestyle images of the furnishing you want if the seller doesn’t have one on their site. “Lifestyle” images are images of the furnishing in a home setting. This will help you get an idea of how it may look with other furniture and color schemes.

  1. Keep in mind that if the furnishing has any damages or missing some parts upon arrival, this is ridiculously more common that you might think. Stay calm and realize it isn’t necessarily the fault of the seller or their customer service representatives, most of the time it is issues out of their direct control.

  1. Lastly but most importantly, have fun! Furniture shopping shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Use your time wisely, ask questions and create your dream space!


July 4th, 2017 by Alex

Artistic Rock Wall Murals : Geode Furnishings

Rock art is a unique and beautiful interior design technique to transform your space using natural materials. You can choose an entire wall to create a rock wall art masterpiece or choose one home furnishing to transform using a combination of stones, pebbles, agates and / or geodes.

This interior / exterior design technique works in a multitude of design motifs including modern, contemporary, rustic and even industrial chic.

Additionally, these natural materials are very durable.They can withstand harsher environments where they may experience elements from exterior weather conditions or damp and wet places such as in the bathroom on a shower wall.

The natural beauty of the geodes and agates make for an exquisite and eye-catching appearance when displayed under light.

The actually display of the rocks and pebbles can be placed in unique shapes and patterns to create a mesmerizing and captivating design.

Even if you do not choose to display them in a quirky way, the naturally occurring details and formations of the individual rocks, geodes and pebbles are works of art unto themselves.

We often see beautiful rock and stone work done on the exterior of homes, but bring these gorgeous designs into your interior living space for a surprising touch of organically chic meets contemporary style.


July 3rd, 2017 by Alex

Musical Craft: African Djembe

For thousands of years musical instruments have been created and reinvented. Many Instruments around the world have changed their original ways of production for efficiency, consistency and overall demand for the instrument. There will always be some areas of the world where musical instruments are made as they always have. The African Djembe drum is one of those instruments.

In Gambia, West Africa, the djembe creation is a beautiful experience.The djembe is crafted from a tree but, not just any tree, trees are specifically chosen in the depth of wooded areas known as the BUSH and the one chosen is usually very dry to ensure that the environment is not negatively impacted. In the harvesting of one tree, a total yield of djembe drums from any one tree varies from 8 – 15 drums.

The drum is cut to size, debarked, and then internally carved to shape it. This position in the assembly is known as the Carver. Afterwards, the Djembe shell is brought to the neighboring village. Beneath the drumhead and at the top, metal rings are measured and fitted then, the djembe is brought to the welder to weld the metal to solidify the rings.

Next, the shell is brought to receive a fresh goat hide for the drum head. The skin is dried for several hours and is coated with the ash of the fireplace. Ash expedites the drying process and also wards off insects..

While the skin dries, Palm oil is gathered and is applied to the inside of the drum shell. Palm oil prevents the drum from cracking and promotes longevity. Knots are then tied equal distance apart around the top and bottom of the drum head. The skin is then stretched over the drum head and ropes are then weaved through the metal ring on top of the drum head to the bottom of the drum head to tighten the skin to the top of the drum head. The Drum head is then shaved and is completed!

The people of Gambia say that “a good drummer makes the Djembe speak.”

July 2nd, 2017 by Alex

The Panton S Chair

A hallmark of modern 1960s design, the funky Panton S Chair was designed by danish designer Verner Panton and continues to be an interior design treasure.

This innovative and funky design was the world’s first cantilevered plastic chair made of one molded piece. Today, the highly accurate reproductions of this futuristic design are made of strong and durable fiberglass.

You may be thinking, how would fiberglass be comfortable? But it is! The contouring of its seat and backrest forms to the shape of your body and provides remarkable support. The design is definitely funky and eclectic, plus it comes in a variety of vibrant, attention drawing colors.

However, it also comes in black and white which when paired with wood or metal does not overpower but simply adds a dramatic and eye-catching element to the mix.

The Panton S Chair looks best in a modern, contemporary and retro modern interior design motif but with the right imagination, can find a home anywhere!

It can be used as a dining chair or for additional seating when entertaining guests and makes a great conversation piece. It comes in children’s sizes as well, making it perfect for a children’s playroom or bedroom.

Not only is it great to look at, but it brings a piece of 1960 modern design history into your home.

You can find the Panton S Chair and similar modern furniture and decor from trusted online sellers.

July 1st, 2017 by Alex

Conserve Electricity Within

Electric bills can be quite the monthly expenditure and hassle especially if you have a larger family than most. In providing yourself and your family with alternative sources of lighting during the night and adopting techniques to conserve electricity, you can truly cut the cost and put some extra cash in your pocket.

How often do you and your family leave the lights on in the house when leaving to go somewhere? Do you ever leave anything else turned on too? Did you know that even when things are plugged into your outlets, they’re still consuming a constant flow of electricity?
Take a stand for your monthly electric bill, take a stand for change within your household.
Unplug and turn off all electronic based sappers when unused!

Some alternative in-home lighting that is easily accessible and affordable are…

1.Candles – Candles are a reliable and cost efficient light source that provide a wonderfully warm ambiance to any and all rooms they reside in. Additionally, candles do not emit any strenuous light rays as the typical electric light bulbs do.

2.Oil Lamps – Blast from the past! Adopt an oil lamp into your home for another cost efficient alternative. Oil lamps run on many different sources of fuel including animal fats, cooking oils and kerosene. Typically you want to lean towards a fuel that has very minimal scent and smoke to eliminate any potential side emissions of such from being in your home.

3. Solar lights – Invest in some solar powered lighting to keep outdoors and bring it indoors at night! Again limiting the amount of negative emissions that would normally coexist with the typical unnatural light fixtures.

Alternative living for Alternative expenditures!

June 30th, 2017 by Alex

Make Your Own Decorative Wreaths

Wreaths aren’t just for the holidays! They can spruce up any space for any season and look great all year around. Plus, they are very expensive to make and a fun craft project!

I’ve seen wreaths made of beads, fabric, wire, tissue paper even glass and tile, but some of the loveliest wreaths I’ve seen are those made of natural materials. Most of your materials can be found in your backyard, local park, or any natural setting.

For less experienced crafters and weavers, you can start out with purchasing a pre-made wire wreath form or frame using heavyweight wire.

For more experienced crafters, you can begin by finding a bendable vine, loose branches or wheat straw.. You can easily weave these together and secure them using a hot glue gun.

Next, take a walk into nature, allow your eyes and your intuition to guide you. Begin collecting any flowers, pinecones, feathers, leaves or really anything that isn’t too heavy in weight to intertwine or glue onto your wreath creation. Whether you are using a wire or natural base, you can add any of these materials on your beautiful new decorative wreath.

Allow the process to be fun and fluid. Allow your imagination to guide you. Your finished product will reflect a piece of mother nature, your own personal style and breathe new life into your living space!


June 29th, 2017 by Alex

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