Handpicked and Handmade Natural Home Decor and Fashion Accents

If you love spending time in the outdoors and if you to craft, there is a fun way to combine interests to make beautiful natural accents that can be worn as accessories or used as decorations for your home.

folk heart creations natural made brooches and pins and ornaments

What you’ll need:

  • Natural materials – collect and gather items in nature (twigs, leaves, flowers, branches, etc.)
  • Hairspray or epoxy resin (epoxy is best for creations you want to preserve for a very long period of time and is best for wearable accessories)
  • Your imagination!

folk heart creations natural made brooches, pins, accents

Take a nature walk, a hike or step right into your own backyard to find the materials you need. I do suggest looking for vines, corn husks, thick long grass or any other material that is both strong and bendable – something that can be used to naturally wrap and tie your different materials together and keep them in place.

Once you’ve picked everything you think you might use, start creating! Have fun with it. Piece together items you think look nice based on color, shape, pattern. Really anything you want to place together – these are your handpicked, handmade accents!

Spray your pieces using hairspray or coat in an epoxy resin to preserve them.

folk heart creations natural made accents home decor fashion

If you want to turn these into wearable brooches or pins, you can go to a local craft store and pick up loose clasps and glue them on back using a strong glue like guerilla glue.

Whether you make them into large scale interior decorations or small scale fashion accessories, you can have a lot of fun making these and gifting them to friends and family members!

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