Best Wedding Party Favor Ideas for Cooks, Bakers and Food Lovers

Maybe you or someone you know is getting married! With all the madness of planning a wedding you may have overlooked putting thought into that small but sweet wedding party gift idea, the party favor that the couple gives to their guests when they seat down for the reception!

It’s a tiny thank you for the big celebration but this little gift makes a big impact not only for the people attending your wedding but it demonstrates your first joint gift to friends and family as a married couple!

For the newly weds who love to cook, bake or eat together:

Heart shaped cookie cutters

Heart shaped measuring spoons

Mug with brides name printed with attached ladle of husbands name printed

Tiny bottles of infused “All Love” Oil (Olive Oil)

Set of balsamic vinegar with grooms name attached to olive oil with brides name with a white ribbon tied around it

For the newly weds who are “down to earth” and love to garden or grow their own food:

Miniature potted plants

Dried lavender or potpourri filled sachets

Tiny personalized terrariums in clear glass or plastic spheres (make terrarium holiday ornaments if its a winter wedding)

Seeds for growing flowers with couples name and date printed on them

These are just a few examples of some of the wonderful party favor gift ideas you can do for your guests to express your appreciation for them attending and to show them something you and your new life partner enjoy doing together!






January 17th, 2018 by Alexandra Christina

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