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A blog about thought-provoking, forward-thinking modern furniture, lighting & decor.

Where Skateboarding Meets Modern Design

Skate Study House Coffee Table

What happens when two skateboarders decide to start designing furniture?  Turns out, some really great design concepts. Offering a completely new take on furniture, the people at Skate Study House have set out to recreate popular furniture through the vision of skateboarders.  According to their website “it’s constantly about anticipation and adaptation to one’s environment”.

Skate Study House Hang Up

Pierre Andre Semizergues and Gil Le Bon De Lapointe are the creators behind Skate Study House. You may already know Pierre Andre as CEO of the parent company that’s responsible for the popular etnies brand (skateboard shoes and clothing).  Always designing with skateboarders in mind, he strives to combine skateboarder culture and green materials into every design.   Gil takes his inspiration from the streets of his favorite cities, like New York and Barcelona, and has a passion for hybrid design that he’s been carrying out in the action sports industry for over 20 years.

Skate Study House Products

Take a look at the Skate Study House for yourself.

September 19th, 2008 by Christina


East Meets West Sofa

Ever wanted to go on a magic carpet ride? Well we here at Six Different Ways are good, but we’re not quite up to producing flying carpets… at least not yet.

What we do have to offer is a look at this fantastic piece by Tonio de Roover. Called the East Meets West Sofa, this piece is a combination of influences from each. Unique in its ability to bring alive the drama of the Arabian Nights and the influence of Persian folklore, this piece introduces a look and feeling far from the average sofa.

East Meets West Sofas

Cleary not your typical sofa, the East Meets West’s design makes quite the statement as it captivates with its unique look. Its relatively simple shape emphasizes what Roover calls its attempt to rise from the earth. While I doubt you’ll get very far, this unique piece obviously has the type of design that catches our attention and makes it stand out in any space.

September 17th, 2008 by Christina

Seating for the Modern Wine Lover

Vitra Cork Stools 

There are not too many things I like more than a really good bottle of wine.  And I know I’m not alone in saying that.  Well if your other love is unique, modern furniture you are in luck. Vitra has apparently read our minds.

These Cork Stools from Vitra are eco-friendly so when you’re sitting back relaxing on this truly original seat with a glass of your favorite, you can feel good knowing you are also helping the environment.

The Cork Stools can be used as stools, like their name suggests, or as a cool side table. There are three designs to choose from, each enabling you to take your love of wine to a whole new level!

September 15th, 2008 by Christina

Gayla Rosenfeld

 Rosenfeld Modular Pillows

You may already know of Gayla Rosenfeld, whose work is so impressive it’s in the permanent collection of the Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Rosenfeld combines fashion with craft for looks that are always true originals.

These modular pillows from Rosenfeld caught my attention first for their design, but upon a closer look they are truly something unique. The pillows are made from reclaimed upholstery (leftovers from the upholstery industry) making them eco-friendly, which we love. It also means no two are exactly the same. What makes these really unique though, is that there’s no glue, stitching, or any other type of attachment method used. These modular pillows can even be disassembled to make something completely new.  True innovation.

Take a look at Gayla Rosenfeld’s website to learn more about her work and inspiration.

September 15th, 2008 by Christina

3D Wallpaper?


Nyman Wall Paper

Yes, it’s for real. Wallpaper that just sits on your wall is a thing of the past thanks to the innovation of Hanna Nyman.  With peelable patterns, 3D forms emerge.  You can even personalize the design and change it when your room needs a slightly new look by changing which sections are peeled back.  So not just 3D but also completely customizable, I think Nyman knows just what we want for our contemporary homes.

After seeing this great wallpaper, I was interested to see more of Hanna Nyman’s work. Turns out that this Swedish designer is inspired by the Japanese art of origami and this can really be seen in some of her wallpaper designs as well as in these great lights.

Nyman Oragami Lights

Check out her website to see more of her great designs.


September 15th, 2008 by Christina

Tik Tak Tik Tak

Tik Tak Clock

“Live for the moment” is an overused phrase. While the message behind the warning is good, it’s one of the many things in life that can’t be conveyed adequately in words. And as a result, while the “warning” might come with the best intentions, it winds up sounding superficial, at least in my opinion.

Enter the Tik Tak clock. No words are needed to understand the meaning behind this piece, which is one of the things I think great designs have in common. Every minute is exploded onto powder-coated steel stems of varying length and the second hand is even made red to represent how quickly time passes.

Niels van Eijk and Miriam van der Lubbe, the Tik Tak’s creators, claim on their own website that the mission behind their work is to create products that challenge you to change perspectives and the way you look at the world. While they may not have told us anything we don’t already know, they definitely succeed in presenting the complicated vortex that is time. Whether you feel trapped by it, like there’s not enough of it, or like you can’t keep up with it, the Tik Tak sure makes looking at it far more interesting.

September 12th, 2008 by Christina

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