Christian Flindt Gives Stackable A New Meaning

Rainbow Chairs

Christian Flindt’s Rainbow Chairs give a whole new meaning to stackable chairs. We’ve always know stackable to mean one on top of another, but Flindt challenges this preconception.  Stacking sideways, the Rainbow Chairs have the same versatility as traditional stacking chairs but in a whole new way. Flindt also takes color into consideration, as the semi-transparent colors of these chairs resemble a rainbow when stalked together.

Rainbow Chairs

“I am interested in communication between people.
I want to rethink furniture in a way that they will inspire people to make new connections.”
– Christian Flindt

Rainbow Chairs

While the unique design of these chairs is certainly enough to catch anyone’s attention, their ability to be used even when “stacked,” really caught my attention. These chairs fit together to form something like a bench, so even when not really in use, they still offer an extra seat or two. Learn more about the talented Christian Flindt.

September 26th, 2008 by Christina

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