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Suited Case


Next time you get stuck at the airport, at least it will be a little more comfortable.  The Suited Case consists of four travel bags that link together to form a couch. I’m guessing it’s probably not as comfortable as my sofa at home, but more comfortable than airport seating – most definitely.

suited-case2Suited Case comes from Nieuwe Heren, a design collaboration made up of Erik de Nijs and Tim Smit.  Both just graduated the school of art in Utrecht in 2009 and their site features a plethora of cool and innovative products and ideas.  Check out more here.


November 12th, 2009 by Christina

Put your light switch to work


This design isn’t glamorous, but it’s certainly smart.  This light switch cover offers a convenient spot for mail at the top, as well as two key hooks.  Knowing where everything is in the morning – now that’s functional design.

The Light Switch Rack by Paul Koh costs more than a regular switch cover, but it’s still pretty affordable especially considering it’s impressive enough to be part of the MoMA store catalog.  It’s simple to install, and goes right over an existing light switch.

November 11th, 2009 by Christina


Bamboo Architecture

As eco-friendly architecture and design grows in popularity, so does the prevalence of bamboo.  While I seem to be seeing bamboo more and more these days, I’ve never quite seen it like this before.  Bamboo is so green because it grows extremely fast, so I’m happy to see that one architect, Vo Trong Nghia, is taking it to entirely new levels.

Bamboo Architecture

See more from Vo Trong Nghia here. 

November 10th, 2009 by Christina

Bits ‘n Pieces

Bits n Pieces

Bits ‘n Pieces is a traveling, interactive exhibit showcasing the dialogue between the analog world and digital technologies within design in a post-digital era.  Including furniture, architecture, jewelry, graphic design, and product design, this exhibit is definitely one not to miss!

Bits n Pieces

The objects included are both aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced, offering a preview of the future of design.  Work from Lucas Massen, Dries Verbruggen, Jab Habraken, and Melka Teichroew is among some of the most highly anticipated. This traveling exhibit started Nov 4th and will continue until Dec 4th. Find out more here.

November 9th, 2009 by Christina

Manifold 2

Manifold 2

Manifold 2 is the result of a mathematical game to create a coffee table from a single square sheet of material.  Only cutting and bending are allowed, no additional materials or components.  As its designer (and mathematician) Anthony Leyland points out, while these constraints are challenging, limitless solutions are possible. And it is the solutions that are illustrated here.

Manifold 2

Coffee tables are the first item Leyland has tackled, and many more possible designs are shown on his website.   These tables are made from one meter square sheets of steel with painted finishes. While steel was chosen for reasons of sustainability, it also makes these tables practically indestructible.

Manifold 2

If you’re interested in getting one of these go to Leyland’s website and contact him. I believe they are currently only being made to order for now, though I hope to see them more widely available soon.  The endless ways of making a simple square into captivating tables is truly fascinating to me.  Happy weekend all. See you back here on Monday!

November 6th, 2009 by Christina

Scaffold Vase

Scaffold Vase

Over 3500 gold plated parts make up this truly unique vase designed to look like scaffolding. Its shape is inspired by 19th century Chinese vases, while its composition from “scaffold” makes it both very urban and very now.  There’s a small glass container that holds water, which is hidden by the rest of the vase’s design, making it not just a conversation piece but a functional vase.  The Scaffold Vase is the work of UK design studio Freshwest.

November 5th, 2009 by Christina

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