16 Days until Halloween: Decapitated Barbie Body Part Jello

I will be doing 3 blogs a week leading up to the king of spooky holidays – Halloween! Each blog will incorporate some spooky recipe, fun party idea or halloween centered theme! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays from the costumes and candy to the haunted houses and spooky hayrides –¬† it is fun, festive and gives everyone a chance to show another side!

Today is Day 16~ Let the countdown begin!

If you are thinking of throwing a halloween bash this year or if you want to bring a fun and creepy dish to someone else’s halloween party, here is one of my all-time favorite halloween party treat ideas that is sure to thrill your guests!

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Decapitated Barbie (and Ken) Body Part Jello – Barbies can be a little creepy in general, proportionally speaking that is,¬†especially those new Brat Dollz i’ve seen over the last couple of years – this unique dish will definitely have guests rethinking one of their favorite childhood toys.

The easiest barbies to use are the ones from the dollar store that have hollow body parts. The rubber dolls can be expensive and are difficult to slice up.

Grab a few of those depending on the amount of guests you’ll be serving. I like to use both male and female dolls to keep things neutral!

Slice up your barbies into parts, don’t make the parts too small because you want your guests to be able to see them when eating so they don’t accidentally eat the part! I would not recommend serving this dish to children under the age of 12 or without adult supervision. Be sure to let guests know the body parts are not edible.¬†

I like to chop the hair up on the dolls heads, this gives it a scarier look and this is also to avoid any long stray hairs floating around in your jello mold.

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Next you’ll want to make your jello. Follow the instructions on the package.

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You’ll want the jello liquid to solidify a little bit before sticking the body parts in it otherwise the body parts will just float together.

Place the jello in the fridge for a little while – checking periodically to see its consistency. The consistency should be firm enough to keep your creepy parts from floating around aimlessly but soft enough to be able to place them in it.

Another trick is to make individual cups of jello and place one or two body parts in each. This prevents the body parts from floating around and mixing altogether.

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Plant your body parts throughout the mold, you can make it look like a bloody massacre especially if you use red jello, meaning the jello mold can look all mashed up or you can choose to gently press down, using a wooden chopstick to push them deep down into the mold.

Decapitated Barbie Body Part Jello – a particularly frightening party treat for your halloween spectacular!


October 16th, 2017 by Alexandra Christina

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