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NETwork transforms two dimensional embroidery into pop-up furniture objects. The new design project by Studio Aisslinger combines high tech technologies and traditional stitching techniques into the captivating collection you see here. Perfectly put on its website,  “…design evolution is always a matter of empirical experiment, materials and technology – for this exhibition we worked with a hidden traditional stitching textile technology which we transformed into a 2D-to-3D-furniture pop-up concept..”


So how is it done? The volumes are translated with software into two dimensional projections of themselves that can be programmed into machines that stitch the pattern into a carrying surface. The surface is then dissolved and the embroidered 2d patterns becomes a 3d object. The shapes formed by the stitched honeycomb structures are fitted over fiberglass molds and injected combined with resin to make them rigid and stable. The result is the unique collection you see here.


Find out even more about how it’s done at Studio Aisslinger’s website.

May 6th, 2010 by sf210

How To Get A Free Ball Chair


When I saw this great giveaway this morning I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you. Our friends at Inmod are giving away (yes, for free!) a ball chair! And entering is so easy there’s really no excuse not to. All you have to do is “Like” Inmod on Facebook which you can do here or join their email newsletter Inmod In You Inbox here. Then just keep your fingers crossed cause this is one cool prize!

The ball chair is summer-themed with a yellow shell and green fabric interior. It’s valued at over $1000! You can enter until June 1 at midnight and one lucky winner will be chosen on the 4th. Check out all the details at Inmod’s Giveaway Page.



The movie Avatar has gotten a lot of attention this year, and everywhere you went someone seemed to be talking about it. One place I didn’t expect Avatar to have a strong influence, though, was in the furniture sector. Well, turns out Avatar has made its mark here too.


While it beginnings might be kind of odd, this Atan is actually a really cool looking lamp. It features a modular design with one or three fixtures, and additional modules can easily be added by plugging into an empty socket on the base. The more modules you add, the brighter Atan gets. Plugs and sockets are perfectly fitted to create a solid connection, and the plugs can be easily released by pressing the two buttons on their sides simultaneously.


The Atan’s fixtures are attached to the lamp’s arm with flexible necks. The fixture itself is formed by wrapping a LED light set along a twisted wire. See more from Atan’s designer Anton Kozhevnikov here.

May 4th, 2010 by sf210

Binary Design


Binary code may be useful, but creative is not a word usually associated with it. The Notus Chair challenges that, though, with its high-tech look inspired by none other than binary code.


The Notus Chair’s design is created from a sole laser-cut steel plate, which is then folded into the shape of the chair. In addition to its unique inspiration, this chair is also intriguing because no hardware is used in its construction. This give it a visually light appearance, while also making its production simple. See more here.

May 3rd, 2010 by sf210

Key Mouse


While laptops offer a lot of convenience, the one thing I sometimes miss is the set of number keys found on the right of any standard keyboard. Well, apparently I am not the only one to notice, and designer Sun Lihui addresses this in the Key Mouse. The Key Mouse is plenty portable, which it needs to be to keep up with your laptop, and it’s also got a fun design that’s impossible to notice. It’s actually a bluetooth mouse (another thing missing from laptops!), but when you open its retractable hood you find a set of number keys inside.

A fun design and a great way to end the week here at 6DW! Check back Monday for more as always 🙂

April 30th, 2010 by sf210

Re +


At 6DW we are all about recycling and reusing, and Italian design studio King + offers a great example of the stunning design that can come out of it. It has created a series of pendant lamps that are made from recycled textile spools. These pendants are available in a variety of colors and have been appropriately named Re + .


In addition to their construction from recycled spools, these pendants also feature LED bulbs, which provide an 85% increase in energy savings over traditional light bulbs.


See more from King + here.

April 29th, 2010 by sf210

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