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Although it may sound like it has something to do with taking money out of the bank, Drahtbank actually means “wire-bench.”

Designed by Johanna Dehio, the Drahtbank series consists of several metal frames of stools, tables and chairs in a variety of colors. Once the metal frames are chosen, they are matched with the user or designer’s preferred material of wood – planks, boards, old wooden panels – as seen above.

They are put together to get this:


The selection of wood materials plus the various metal shapes and colors allow for a plethora of possibilities, especially when the owner / user of the piece is involved.

Drahtbank’s designer, Johanna Dehio is a Berlin-based product designer.

January 25th, 2011 by Lyn

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Go nuts for DoNuts!

An inflatable table and seating arrangement, DoNuts can be used by the pool, at an outdoor restaurant, at a hotel or in the privacy of your backyard.

The inflatable seating, which looks like a giant donut – hence the name, is available in several different colors. It is made from nylon and can sit at least six people. The table top is made from polyester and can be purchased without the seating.


Although DoNuts looks like it could be used on the water, it is safe on land only.

DoNuts is created by Dirk Wynants, founder and main designer of Extremis. For more information, take a look at their website:

The SitTable

The SitTable is an interesting spin on how we gather around the table, with fabric seats built right into the table. Perfect for a birthday celebration or wedding, when the guests of honor can sit within the table!

There are two types of the SitTable. The SitTable seen above is made of white HPL with a glossy white veneer. It has a purple fabric seat and an Anthraciet Grey steel base. The other version of the SitTable can be seen below. It is made from wood veneer and dark oak, with mustard yellow fabric.

The SitTable was designed by UnStudio for PROOFF. It is produced by Arco Contemporary Furniture. UnStudio’s website explains the design behind the SitTable: “People communicate in a variety of ways. The design for the SitTable caters to the needs of those divergent varieties.”

January 21st, 2011 by Karen

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The Muriyo Desk – Now the MYRA Desk


Originally known as Formica, the Italian word for ant, designer Michael Kainhofer changed the name to Muiryo, a modification of the old Germanic word for ant.  Designer Michael Kainhofer has notified us that the desk is now the MYRA desk, which also means ant but in Swediesh. You can find the MYRA Desk here:

If you head to the Facebook page for Muiryo, you’ll see that Kainhofer is in the process of introducing a contest to rename the desk, as he is still not satisfied with the name. Regardless of the name, the Muiryo is a stylish, modern desk.

To create the desk, Kainhofer used a CNC process to use as little as material as possible.


The Muiryo Desk is made of birch plywood that is 6.5 mm thick. The legs and table tops are screwed together tightly enough to create tension that strengthens the desk overall.

The desk is then covered with synthetic leather to add texture, and color if desired. It is available in 10 different colors.

The Vertigo Pendant Lamp


The Vertigo Pendant Lamp will spin you into a giddy dizziness.

Made of a lightweight iron, fiberglass and polyurethane combination, the Vertigo Pendant Lamp is a whimsical lamp that moves ever so delicately in the breeze. It is available in your choice of green or black, both shown above. The Vertigo Light measures in at 200 cm wide, or 78.7 inches.


It is said that the Vertigo Pendant Lamp appears to float when the breezes blow through it. Designed by Constance Guisset, a Paris-based designer, the Vertigo Lamp is a gorgeous den lamp. It is reminiscent of both wings of an insect and a large hat with a beautiful brim.

What are your thoughts on the Vertigo Pendant Lamp?

Piano Black

The Piano Black Coffee Table highlights the elements of sound in a physical representation. The curved lines show the properties of wave forms.

With a high gloss black lacquer, the Piano Black Coffee Table gets its name from the immediate association. The Coffee Table is also made of powder-coated steel and glass.

It is also made using powder coated steel and a sleek glass top.

The Piano Black Coffee Table is created by Studio801. Studio801 is a London-based furniture design studio.

January 18th, 2011 by Lyn

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