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Concrete Wallpaper

A transcendental love for the industrial appeal of concrete is easily exemplified with the Concrete Wallpaper. Designed by Norwegian photographer Tom Haga, each set of wallpaper is taken from high resolution photography, so that the pattern is never repeated.

Washable and UV resistant, Tom Haga’s wallpaper is available in more than just concrete patterns. Haga offers many patterns of concrete, but also has wallpaper of brick walls and bright-colored graffiti. Rolls are offered in widths of 2-feet or 4-feet and heights as high as 25 meters, which is about 82 feet. It can also be cut to size, if needed.

The Concrete Wallpaper would look great in homes, retail stores, offices and even hotels. I also like the brick pattern for a fun city apartment. What do you think about the Concrete Wallpaper? Which pattern is your favorite?

August 19th, 2010 by Christina

Not Your Average Desk Lamp…

The W101 Lamp: a paper desk light. Like a paper lantern, but better.

Designed by Swedish architects Claesson Koivisto Rune for the Swedish lighting company Wästberg, the W101 Lamp is innovative and contemporary. Made of renewable materials, the W101 Lamp is created using DuraPulp, a combination of wood pulp and starch. Previously, the architects designed a chair out of DuraPulp but wanted to challenge themselves by combining light, electricity and paper all in one with the W101 Lamp.

In a press release, Magnus Wästberg, founder and CEO of Wästberg says: “Paper has been used throughout history for making lamp shades. Now we are using paper for the actual structure of the fixture adding advanced LED technology.”

What do you think about the W101 Lamp?



Sit outside and roast marshmallows while relaxing on the Marshmallow! Designed by Cici Chen and Lui Honfay of Cilicon Factory, the Marshmallow is a set of lightweight concrete outdoor seating. Included in the set are three pieces: a bench, 2-seater and 3-seater.

The lightweight concrete used to make the Marshmallow series is durable enough to withstand outdoor terrain, yet light enough to move and maintain. The versatile material of concrete enables color, in which a fluffy pink is used here to add to the whimsical appeal of Marshmallow. The Marshmallow is sealed with a special agent to keep maintenance low.

So, are you ready to roast some marshmallows on the Marshmallow?

The Raindrop Chandelier

Designed by Seattle-based glass blower, Jean-Pierre Canlis, the Raindrop Chandelier is a beautiful piece made from organic blown glass. Hanging from a 36″ round metal base are 8-pieces of the glass, each perfectly designed to resemble large raindrops. The raindrops are illuminated from the exterior to give off a dramatic look.

The gorgeous Raindrop Chandelier adds brightness to even the sunniest of days. Where would you put this piece?

Change Your Wall As Often As You Change Your Socks

Take a peak at these modular wall designs brought to us by 3Form. Both of these two wall systems can be easily removed and rearranged as easily as a pair of socks! Such designs are great for exhibitions, retail stores or any location in which the decor changes often.

The photo above is the Wovin Wall from 3Form that is a series of  alternating tiles matched together to create a three-dimensional design. The Wovin Wall is available in many material options, such as wood veneer, anodized aluminum and polyresin. Depending on the material chosen, there is also a wide selection of color combinations available for the Wovin Wall.

Similar to the Wovin Wall, is the Wave Wall, seen in the second photo here. The wave effect of the Wave Wall is created by placing tiles in grooved aluminum extrusions. It is available in two patterns: continuous or alternating. Made in the same materials as the Wovin Wall, the Wave Wall is also available in a large variety of colors.

I’m thinking these would look great in an office space or hotel, or even as a funky wall piece in your home. Where would you use the Wovin or Wave Walls?

August 13th, 2010 by Christina

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Obsessed with The Obsession Series

Why are we obsessed with the Obsession Series by Kwangho Lee?

Because its made out of gardening hoses!

Following his motto “Ordinary objects can become something else,” Kwangho Lee leaves us wanting more. But no worries. Using just hoses and PVC tube, the South Korean designer has created an entire collection of chairs, sofas, coffee tables and more by weaving the hose together.

You see the process of how one braid turns into a sofa here.

August 12th, 2010 by Lyn

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