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Modern Furniture Blog
Modern Design Blog

A blog about thought-provoking, forward-thinking modern furniture, lighting & decor.

The Orbit Gallery

Schmoozing with veteran pop art guru and dealer Harry Saylor is always a blast, and while schmoozing is always more fun after a few cocktails, I finally had the chance to do both at the “Holiday in the Park” art show in Edgewater, NJ a few weeks ago. If you’re a pop art enthusiast dwelling on the east coast and don’t already know Harry, you definitely should.

Visit his Orbit Gallery, also in the happening Hudson River-side city of Edgewater, and aside from meeting a hell of a guy, you’ll be greeted by amazing works of what Harry refers to as “the Warhols and Picassos of today.” Harry has a long history in dealing Warhols and Picassos, and if his word isn’t enough, simply look around and lose yourself in a colorful abyss that lies somewhere between vintage-psychedelic and cartoon-pop. You’ll see “the hot new names of POP” like Shag, Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, and Robbie Busch (one of my favorites) on display alongside the likes of Keith Haring and Andy Warhol.

Orbit Gallery Location: 238 Old River Road, Edgewater, NJ 07020, phone: 201.945.8900 

Tim Biskup - The Flaming Ghost Blossum - $450 Framed
Tim Biskup – The Flaming Ghost Blossum – $450 Framed

Tim Biskup - Deathbot Killing Spree - $500 Framed
Tim Biskup – Deathbot Killing Spree – $500 Framed

Shag - Sagittarius - $450 Framed
Shag – Sagittarius – $450 Framed

Shag - The Raft of Medusa - $350
Shag – The Raft of Medusa – $350

Brandon Ragnar - House of Secrets 3 Down - $1500 Framed
Brandon Ragnar – House of Secrets 3 Down – $1500 Framed

Ryan Heshka - Venus - (ed. of 50) - $165
Ryan Heshka – Venus – (ed. of 50) – $165

Ryan Heshka - Rockette (ed. of 50) $165
Ryan Heshka – Rockette (ed. of 50) $165

Robbie Busch - Gouache on Board - $350
Robbie Busch – Gouache on Board – $350

Gary Baseman - Di - $300 Framed
Gary Baseman – Di – $300 Framed

Ana Bagayan - Krampus - $250
Ana Bagayan – Krampus – $250

December 28th, 2007 by Christina

Design your own modern bedding

Design your own modern bedding, by using Inmod’s very own innovative Design Studio. By using your own creative powers you can choose your favorite pattern such as: Autumn for a zen and tranquil atmosphere, Bloom for a retro, groovy look, or Love for the ultra modern bedroom as well as many other cool designs.

Choose from luxurious fabrics made of the finest quality where you can select: A plush Linen for a light and breezy feel, or a Silk Taffeta a smooth, crisp and lustrous fabric, as well as Silk Dupioni made of silk entangled cocoons providing a rich coarse yarn silk fabric.

Inmod’s vast variety of base and embroidery colors, allows you to transform your space using color to set a mood. Choose from earthy, natural tones or bright, vivid modern shade. After selecting the look of the duvet, switching to a room view is just a click away, allowing you to be the interior designer. Begin by customizing the floor, follow with a rug, a bed frame, a nightstand, wall color, and bed sheets, molding and even accent vases, no details were spared in our design studio, to allow you to have a clear picture of what your customized duvets would look like in your bedroom.Inmod Design Studio is like nothing else we’ve seen; it allows you to use your creativity and actually design your own dream bedding made of the finest quality fabrics and intricate details, all handmade and incredibly fabulous.

January 25th, 2007 by Karen

Joe Colombo

Joe Colombo

Joe Colombo, Italian designer, painter, architect, filmmaker et cetra had a noble impact on the field of Space Age design.  Credited for such inventions as the “boby trolley” and the “tube chair” many of his contributions to the design community and futurist movement are widely respected.  Colombo worked for several high end furniture companies including Bernini, Stilnovo, Kartell, and the like.  His award winning designs have been internationally exhibited.

Tube Chair

Colombo utilized injected molded plastic and contemporary material to create an array of elegant and imaginative pieces.  Colombo had an affinity for interiors as well.  Previously studying architecture in Milan, his ergonomic sensibility was complimented by his funky far-out vision.  This was apparent in his installation at the Vitra Design Museum.

Vitra Design Museum

Joe Colombo died at the age of 41 yet left behind a legacy of exquisite innovations for aesthethic productivity. His work can be seen at the permanent exhibition of mid century modern furniture at the MoMA.

June 27th, 2006 by Karen

The Six Fix

Karim Rashid rugCool amoeba-shaped rug by designer Karim Rashid

Didi Rounds

Fun Didi Rounds wall art can be arranged separately or together. Good for sound proofing!

Verner Panton rugs

Op art rug by Verner Panton. Add life to any room!

Wallter Circles

Sleek and simple: Wallter Circles for the more conservative mod

Patrick Norguet rugs

Painterly rug collection by designer Patrick Norguet. Comes in a variety of color themes.

Pierre Paukin rugs

How to dress a room in red: Designer rugs by Pierre Paulin

June 22nd, 2006 by Karen

Victor Vasarely

Victor Vasarely

Psychedelic patterns that emerge from the Dreamachine and early computational experiments parallel Optical Art imagery of the sixties. Op Art is also referred to as “retinal art” because of the illusionary depth and motion created through the repetition of form and color. Op Art images visually exceed the two dimensional plane. This perceptual shift is the result of the way the viewer’s brain organizes information.

Op Artist Victor Vasarely used the “Alphabet Plasitque” to create optical illusions. Each color and shape was assigned a variable that could easily be manipulated. The kinetic relationship of color and shape gave dimensionality to his work. He and many other Op Artists created paradoxical imagery that challenged spatial limitations.

June 21st, 2006 by Karen

Six Things to Fix On

Wilsonart Laminate Chip Chair Winner

Look what you can do with Laminate! Wilsonart Laminate Chip Chair Winner: Charles Brill (2006)

“Images from the Computational Universe” Experiment with sound at WolframTones

Rocio Romero LV House

Living in style made cost effective: Rocio Romero’s LV House

Westinghouse Telegenic Aquarium

A must have one-of-a-kind Telegenic Aquarium! by Paul Leibow

Urban UFO: HolyRoller (2006)

Artist makes an impression: Urban UFO HolyRoller by Eric Staller (2006)

Conspiracy X Rug

Rock Star Rug Collection featuring Conspiracy X Rugs

June 12th, 2006 by Karen

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