Simple Acupressure Techniques You Can Do Anywhere

Acupressure is an ancient healing method practiced in china for over 5,000 years. Two traditional tenets of Chinese medicine are that energy flows through visually invisible channels in the body called meridians and that illness comes from imbalances in this flow of energy.

acupressure meridian points

Acupressure involves applying pressure to or massaging a specific point on the skin of the body to restore this flow of energy to eliminate disease, alleviate pain and help regulate stress.

The best practice is to locate the acupressure point desired then press firmly or massage the point with your fingertips for 15 – 30 seconds, ease up slightly and then resume the pressure. Each point should be focused on for about 1 – 3 minutes.


A few quick and simple acupressure techniques you can do on yourself or others:

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cure motion sickness – acupressure meridian

Stop Motion Sickness – using the tips of your fingers, massage the skin situated between the eyebrows and the middle of the lower arm between the tendons. The location of the lower arm is approximately 3 finger widths above the crease where the wrist joins the hand.

Treatment for Headaches – Apply pressure and gently massage above and center of the eyebrow. The do the same in the center of the bridge of your nose, about a 1 finger width above the nostrils.

Next gently massage your inner left wrist, on the side closest to your thumb right below where the wrist meets the hand. Do the same on the right hand. Move down to your left foot, apply pressure to top of your big toe where the toe meets the foot. Do the same on your right foot.

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Alleviate headaches – acupressure meridian

Cure Pain in the Back of the Head – Apply pressure and gently massage below both ears, towards the back where the neck meets the head.

Heal Pain on the Sides of the Head – Gently massage on both sides of the head, the soft area at the end of your eyebrows near the hairline.

Alleviate Pain in the Forehead – On both sides of the jawline close to where your jaw meets your neck but not directly on the neck, apply pressure and massage both sides.

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Relieve Panic Attacks, Stress and Anxiety – acupressure meridian

Relieve Stress and Panic Attacks – Use acupressure on the tip of the chin, move just below the middle of the chest, rub gently. Next, move towards your tibia bone which is the bone between the inner knee and ankle. Locate this acupressure point by using the palm of your hand and placing it on your kneecap. Then using your ring finger locate the top of the bone. Massage this area exerting stronger pressure until the anxiety subsides.

Improve Circulation – Restore circulation by exerting strong pressure for 30 seconds on the inside of the tip of the little finger, right next to the groove on the nailbed.

These are just a few ways to use acupressure to benefit your health, life and well-being. Using these techniques in combination with essential oils can enhances the results, check out my blog on essential oils to find out which might work best for you.


There are many acupressure points on the body so continue to explore and educate yourself on the different techniques if you found any of these acupressure methods helpful!

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