Love this Look? Conventional Scandinavian Meets Abstract Expression

Comfort mixed with intelligent form and artistic style, this look combines the fundamentals of Scandinavian design with a touch contemporary flair.

Scandinavian Abstract Expressionism – The Flo Sofa & The Trumpet Oval Coffee Table

Our eyes are immediately drawn to the attention grabbing Flo Sofa featuring a vivid green fabric upholstery with classic button accents along the backrest and square tufting covering the seat cushions. The tapered wooden legs are elegantly splayed creating a subtle softness to its bold rectangular shape.

The Trumpet Oval Coffee Table enhances the contrasting forms and materials even further with its oval shape and crystal clear glass top while at the same time its frame and base is a perfect match to the sofas medium brown colored wood. A uniquely shaped based resembling a horn instrument hence the name Trumpet Coffee Table, turns this furnishing into a functional work of art. On the back wall, a large, abstract acrylic painting with splashes of green, cream, brown and red hues streaming throughout it gently complement the other furnishings and decor.

The rectangular shape of the painting reflects the shape of the sofa while its fluid paint strokes reflect the curvaceous design of the coffee tables base. A small side table with a dark finished square shaped top and stainless steel metal base sits off to one side of the sofa with a touch of the outdoors resting atop of it in a beautifully rounded cream colored vase. This look plays with shape and abstract expression by mixing and matching structure with free flow form. A modern mid century living room design for the more conventional lover of the arts.

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