Love This Look? Vintage Brown with Gold and Brass Bases

This vintage chic look is absolutely perfect for the fall season! Chocolate and medium brown hues with brass and cream colored accents brings the spirit of autumn alive. This look features The London Leather Lounge Chair, a lushly cushioned chair upholstered in a distressed medium brown leather upholstery with an iron base finished in gold.

The color resembles a smooth cognac that will warm you to the bone as the winter months approach. The seat is draped in a luxurious faux fur blanket to keep you extra comfy and cozy. The decor items such as the cylindrical vases, rams head and sputnik decoration beautifully match the chairs base highlighted with hints of gold.

Wooden floors in a walnut finish with a cobalt blue and cream rug placed gently across subtly contrasts with the brown leather chairs.

The bright ivory walls and built-in cabinets allow these impressively handsome chairs to stand out even more.


A cozy and contemporary design with a touch of breezy autumn style. This is the type of setting to relax in front of the fireplace or lounge while watching your favorite film.

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