Up Cycle Chair Upholstery With Old Clothing

Want to de-clutter and rid yourself of your unwanted clothing, love to craft and re-purpose?

A lot of clothing is thrown out when ripped or outgrown. Ask yourself, are you bored with the upholstery of the chairs in your home, wishing you had something to spruce up the room with a little bit of you? With this craft, add another alternative to unwanted clothing by using those favorite jeans/shirts that no longer fit or are ripped beyond repair by up-cycling your chairs!

Materials Needed:
-Fabric of old clothing (sewn to your liking as whole fabric piece)
-Staple gun
-Screw driver (type depends on screws)

Undo the screws from under the seat cushion and remove the outdated fabric, before throwing it out, ask yourself what could potentially be used for now that it isn’t being used as the upholstery for your chair, maybe it can be implemented into an article of clothing!

Lay your newly created fabric down and place the seat upside down on top of it.
Cut the excess fabric, leaving enough room around the edges about an inch to an inch ½.
Pull the fabric tightly and begin stapling so that the fabric is smoothly fastened.

Screw the seat back onto the chair and now you have a re-purposed beauty that is radiating a favorite piece of you!

Watch as friends and family marvel over your modern, innovative and purposeful addition! There are many things that can be up-cycled and re-purposed! Use your imagination and anything you would throw away, think, how can this be reused in someway to create or add to?

July 12th, 2017 by Alex

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