To Paint With Colors Of The Wind

Paints can be an essential part of creating art for you and your children. There are a lot of unnecessary ingredients in store bought paint that can be slightly toxic to the little ones and consume a lot of energy to produce, such as petroleum based products. What if I told you that there are ways for you to make non-toxic paints from home with natural ingredients of the earth?

Mrs. Winters Creates : Painting with pomegranate juice

An experimental artist known as “Mrs. Winters” used different ripened berry juices, pomegranate and tamarillo for a minimalist depiction of her artistic expression. Mrs. Winters came to find that not only did the juices provide a breathtaking hue but, in fact changed aesthetically as time passed. Creating a new art piece as each day passes, mirroring the overall depiction of entropy within nature. She says that it may have had to do with the oxidization of the juice. Add a little salt or vinegar to the juice to preserve the original coloring produced.

Beets are an eye-catching vegetable that is perfect for turning into an all natural paint. Harvesting the juice from the beet and adding a pinch of salt and vinegar allows for preserving and brightening of the hue. Vibrant in color, create magical landscapes and portraits with this must have color!

There are many other natural ingredients able to be used in creating all natural paints such as, turmeric, milk, your favorite flowers and egg yolks. Give it a try and create something new!

July 13th, 2017 by Alex

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