Think Fast! Simple Beauty Solutions For People On-the-Move

Maybe you run into your ex on the street or maybe you are out and get a important call that requires you to be there right away, perhaps you are on your way to an event or an interview and you woke up late – there may come a time when you are in a rush, below are a few quick, easy and helpful solutions you can use when you need to think fast!

Want to brighten those cheeks up and don’t have any blush handy? Gently pinch your cheeks (not to hard or else you could bruise!) then using moderate to light pressure quickly tap where you pinched and the surrounding area – the pinch stimulates the blood vessels in your cheeks and the tapping disperses them creating instant rosey cheeks!

Bad breath and no time to brush your teeth or pop in a piece of minty fresh gum? If you carry perfume or cologne with you, spritz a little on the top of your hand and with a flat tongue lick the area on your hand where you sprayed – the alcohol in the perfume neutralizes bacteria (associated with bad breath which often times cakes up on the tongue) and instantly freshens your breath – yes, it may be bitter and it isn’t the most pleasant taste but it gets the job done

Another solution with no time to brush your teeth – Use a tissue, napkin, paper towel or a cloth (anything you have on you or can find quickly) and rub your teeth with it, it removes any build up on the teeth, taking off that furry “tooth sweater” you can feel with your tongue when you rub it across the surface of your teeth

Oops! Auntie Flow just visited and you don’t have a pad or tampon? No worries! Find the nearest restroom, use a roll of toilet paper and wrap it multiple times around your panties like a makeshift pantyliner – it’s a temporary solution until you can get to a pharmacy or convenience store

No time to wash your hair? If your hair looks greasy or needs a little lift to the roots, use baby powder or talcum powder and apply it the palm of your hands and run your fingers along the roots of your hair and scalp using a scrunching motion with the tips of your fingers – the powder soaks up the oils without overly drying out the hair. Stay along the roots and avoid putting it on the ends of your hair as this could potentially make your hair look frizzy and dry – talcum powder is typically white so if you are a brunette be sure to comb or shake out your hair so there isn’t any visible white residue left behind

Another solution if you can’t wash your hair – if your hair is frizzy, smells unpleasant or needs a little shine to it – you can use a hand cream or lotion and squeeze a little into your hand, rub your palms together and apply it to the ends of your hair – another temporary solution as lotions are conditioning for the skin similar to the way many hair products such as oil and shower conditioner condition the hair for hydration and moisture

Eyebrow hairs look a little wild or out of place? Take a toothbrush to comb the hairs in place and then apply chapstick or vasoline (petroleum jelly) to them as most are sticky and will temporarily keep the hairs from sticking out and in place



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