Quick Makeup Tips to Help You Look Younger & Youthful

Our faces change over time – sometimes it’s because of age, sometimes it’s because of stress, sometimes it’s because of our diet and lifestyle – no matter the reason there are a few easy tips and tricks you can put into practice when applying makeup to give you a more youthful look and healthy glow.

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Moisturizer is essential! Before applying makeup be sure to hydrate your face thoroughly with moisturizer, adding extra and massaging into any dry spots on the skin – almond oil is a great natural moisturizer

Stick to cream foundations, blushes and concealers – and use a setting spray instead of powder foundation or blush – creams smooth out finer lines and do not cake up especially in wrinkles or crevices

Don’t throw the powder away just yet though! Apply a coat of loose powder on your eyelashes using a eyelash wand and then apply two coats of mascara on your eyelashes – the powder both protects and thickens your eyelashes

Eyelash curler – you can use a regular eyelash curler or one that is battery powered and heats up, use while your mascara is still wet on your eyelashes and hold for 30 seconds – when your eyelashes have a little curl to them they make your eyes look more open, alert and brighter

Apply white eyeshadow or eyeliner to your lower lid above the lower eyelashes and apply a little more heavily towards the inner part of the eye in the “V”where your eyeball curves¬† – be careful to apply it slowly and gently as you don’t want it getting directly into your eye, the white line gives the illusion of extending your eye to actually have them appear larger and brighter

Gently dab a cream concealer using a neutral color (one that is a shade lighter than your foundation) under your eyes – covering dark circles, bags and those racoon eyes! – gently dab using a sponge or your ring finger (the ring finger works best) apply in a quick dabbing motion – do not smear or rub – the dabbing allows for full coverage and helps blend.

Exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick Рyou can make your own using petroleum jelly  or aquaphor and sugar, apply to your lips and use a circular motion for 30 seconds to 1 minute to remove any dead skin on the surface of your lips.

Lip liner is a great way to make your lips look plumper and draws attention away from any lines or wrinkles near the mouth. When applying lip liner you want to go the exact same shade or a slight shade lighter than the lipstick you will be using and blend it into your lip stick, when applying lip liner, apply to the upper lip first and have your mouth slightly open (kinda like a fish) when applying it to your lower lip – stretch your face to keep skin taut with mouth slightly open to be sure to get a perfect line

Make your cheek bones pop by applying a sheer cream blush by pukering your mouth like you making a kissy face – the lines on both sides is where you apply the blush (stick to a darker bronze color) right above the lines on the cheek bones – apply a blush with light reflecting particles in it for a glowy, bright effect – then on the balls of your cheeks (you can easily find them by simply smiling, add a tiny touch of a pink blush – if you want to avoid blush on the balls of yours cheeks you can create a natural blush by lightly pinching your cheeks and then using a gentle tapping motion disperse the area where you pinched – your cheeks will be rosey, a girlish glow!

March 2nd, 2018 by Alexandra Christina

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