Different Types of Carrots For Cooking

A root vegetable with many different variations of it’s kind – the carrot comes in many different shapes, sizes, colors and tastes – a very interesting vegetable with a larger and more diverse family than we imagined!

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Dragon – medium sized and bi-colored – in China, the common color of this carrot has a magenta skin and a bright yellow-orange core. This carrot has a slightly spicy and nutty favor with a juicy crisp texture. Cooking increases its bitterness.

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Mellow Yellow – pale yellow with a thin, near-cylindrical shape. The texture has a light crunch and the flavor has a slightly fruity aftertaste with little to no bitterness. When cooked, the carrot is fluffier and turns a lemon yellow color with a dulled and mild sweet taste.

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White – a spicy woody like taste that looks similar to a parsnip with a very crisp texture – best to be enjoyed raw

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Cobalt – Bi-colored with a vibrant purple skin similar to that of an eggplant with a brilliant yellow core. It’s raw taste is sweet and when cooked it has a more mild and earthy taste.

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Pink – It has a bright orange color with a mild spicy taste with a touch of herbal similar to cilantro – when cooked it turns a deep coral color and develops a much thicker, yeastier taste

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Baby – This are typically picked early on in their life cycle and are pretty small in size about 3 to 4 inches. They have a delicate skin and they are sweet and tender and are not bitter whatsoever.

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Orange Long – Most commonly found in grocery stores, it is long and medium in thickness, tapered and has a sweet yet slightly bitter and earthy taste. They are tough and hard when eaten raw and take a little while to cook to perfect soft texture.

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Round – This is a carrot with a stubby, spade shape and has a faintly bitter aftertaste. When raw it is a crisp and juicy and when cooked it is firm and sweet.

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