Bring Home the Bacon! Best Ways to Reuse Bacon Grease

If you are an avid lover of bacon, even the smell is mouthwatering and chances are its one of your go-to morning breakfast choices, the treat doesn’t have to end there though, did you know saving the bacon grease that fills your pan can be reused to take your other dishes to the next level?

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Drain the hot grease into a jar or tin can (but be careful!) You can go as far as scraping any of the black bits stuck to the bottom of your pain and adding them to the jar too.

*IMPORTANT* After you make anything with hot grease you shouldn’t be pouring it down your drain anyway, this is very damaging to your pipes, if you aren’t going to reusing your bacon grease, you should be waiting for it to cool, then throwing it away or recycling it properly.

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Next comes the fun part and it you can experiment with the grease for new and tasty creations. Bacon grease has a savory, salty taste. Take a spoon full or two for vegetable sautes, to grease pans for cooking meat dishes, eggs or mix in with homemade cookie dough!

You can use bacon grease for more than just cooking. If you have a pooch, add it to dog food, they love the taste and the oils make their coats silky and smooth.

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Bacon grease can be applied to squeaky joints or creaks in doorways as a lubricant.

And, if you are camping or having a backyard bonfire, sprinkle a little bacon grease on newspaper to help amp the fire up a notch.

There are many uses of leftover bacon grease, it’s important to utilize the entire animal if you are going to eat them, so why not make the most of it!

September 13th, 2017 by Alexandra Christina

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