6 Different Ways to Cure Creative Blockage

Whether you are an artist, writer, crafting guru or all about business, every position requires some level of creative juice to get the motors running. Sometimes, we don’ have the inspiration and worse yet, sometimes we just feel plain burnt out. Here are 6 different ways to help you get your creative flow streaming again.

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  1. Take a hike or walk in nature – nature and all its beauty is inspiring to look at it, but its even more inspiring when we place ourselves within it and allow our minds to quiet enough to allow new ideas to come throughImage result for hiking
  2. paint, draw or color – have you ever seen those adult coloring books? If you aren’t comfortable painting or drawing, you always pick up a few crayons or those gel coloring pens and allow your mind to go blank as you fill in the spaces with color.Related image
  3. put on your favorite music and dance – let the rhythm take you over, your mind is free and only your body is in entranced by the sweet sounds of music
  4. read a fiction book or graphic novel – its always good to pick up and read something creative, it will give you ideas and will always thrust you right back into that imaginative world
  5. Image result for dancing alone in the mirrortry something new – ┬áif you always make the same dishes, try cooking something new or if you tend to run on a treadmill to get your heart pumping, try running outside instead. New behaviors can help create new perspectives.
  6. Take a vacation day or sick day – sometimes our juices are just simply drained, take a day off dedicated to health and rejuvenation, a little rest and relaxation can do the trick!

Each of these methods has worked for me and each seem to be devoted to clearing the mind, changing the action and spending some alone time in our inner world!


September 6th, 2017 by Alexandra Christina

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