6 Different Ways to Give Your Space New Orleans Inspired Style

Want that New Orleans look and feel to any room in your home? Use these 6 simple and different ways to give your home that Louisiana style you’ve always wanted.

Wall Paint – Make your base a soft pale pink, a vivid salmon pink or wine red- this means paint the whole space (all walls) in this color.

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Next, paint the trim in a seafoam green, chartreuse or aquamarine color. You can play with a combination of these or use one as the accent / trim color.

Furniture – Add pale yellow, off-white or ivory decor and furnishings, try a rustic contemporary style – choose pieces that look shabby chic yet elegant or try a traditional Victorian style, choose items that look vintage yet regal.

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Lighting – Royal chandeliers and lampshades with bead work and fringe are an additional option.

Accents & Decor – Add decorative, gold framed mirrors of varying sizes and New Orleans inspired artwork on the walls and long draped curtains to windows.

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Rugs – Finally, tie the room together with an intricate oriental rug or a shabby wool rug.

Add your own personal touch to the look as any New Orleans jazz musician would do and you can give your home that “Big Easy” style you’ve always dreamed of!

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