Dusty Blue – Subtle, Traditional, Versatile

Dusty Blue is traditional dark blue having a grayish hue to it. It is calming and draws the eye to it subtly without overpowering. This color looks incredible with a room dominated by a linen white, cream and a bronze or taupe color scheme.

The magical quality of dusty blue is that it captivates attention without being so prevalent that it it becomes a discussion by every person that walks into the room. However, it may draw attention to artists, designers and a few observational souls.

Dusty blue is a very versatile color.  You can use dusty blue as the color on an accent wall, the entire walls of a particular room or in a few pieces throughout the space. If you don’t prefer white and beige colors or browns and earth-tones, you can pair it with pastels. Pale yellows and soft pinks make great partners to dusty blue.

Another great feature of dusty blue is you can create a colorful room without using white, such as dusty blue mixed with soft pink and add splashes of more vibrant, eye-catching colors as decor within the interior space.

Not sure of what splash of color would work best? Try sage green. It really adds a whole other element to the landscape without overpowering.

Dusty blue is a color you can have a lot of fun and flexibility with, experiment with your space and see where it takes you!





July 24th, 2017 by Alex

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