Latin American Andean Interior Design

Immersed in intricate, interweaving patterns in a vibrant color palette of hot pinks, lime greens and neon oranges, the design style of latin america and the “andean” counties, specifically in places such as Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia can bring a festive and energetic flair to your living space.

From a distance the intricate patterns of interlocking triangles, vertical lines and interwoven geometric and biomorphic shapes is recognizable and formulates one large pattern however, what makes this style distinct is all of the smaller details in the mix that at first glance are not necessarily the main focus but upon a close-up view and observation become strikingly apparent.

The color scheme in these designs is another key component in its originality and beauty. The brilliant and eye-catching color combinations come to life because they are in striking neon hues where every color featured is amplified calling attention to it while the hints of black and white also serve a main role in defining and separating the patterns and shapes.

These colors and patterns are used on almost any surface as well. Whether it be a table top and legs, upholstery on a sofa, a lamps shade and base or a decorative sculpture, the entirety of the home furnishings is covered leaving no stone unturned. Even parts unseen such as underneath the table are covered in the vibrant colors and detailed patterns.

You could transform an entire room in your house to fit this flavorful style or simply add a few eye-popping pieces of furniture and decor to the equation. Whichever you choose, expect to feel a little more energized and cheer surrounded by this latin american / andean interior design style.


July 21st, 2017 by Alex

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