Alternative Living: Compost

How often are you scraping the leftover food into the the garbage? What if you had a better use for those scraps that would not only benefit the earth but, also your personal garden?

Composting is the taking of food scraps, leaves, pine needles, paper, cardboard and allowing them to decompose to create nitrogen and carbon rich soils. Composting meat or bones of any kind could attract unwanted pests. Orange peels and banana peels may contain unwanted pesticides too. This compost concoction is the perfect brew for your gardens needs.

A compostable toilet is a waterless mechanism that allows for the human excretion to be broken down into yet another nitrogen / carbon based soil. National parks are huge backers of the compostable toilets to ensure that all goes in, goes back out to the earth. There is typically a second composting station to ensure all harmful components have decomposed out of used for the fertilization of soil.

Composting is an amazing alternative to use when considering the care of the earth, our home gardens and our ability to recycle our daily waste for greater more efficient purposes!

July 10th, 2017 by Alex

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