The Panton S Chair

A hallmark of modern 1960s design, the funky Panton S Chair was designed by danish designer Verner Panton and continues to be an interior design treasure.

This innovative and funky design was the world’s first cantilevered plastic chair made of one molded piece. Today, the highly accurate reproductions of this futuristic design are made of strong and durable fiberglass.

You may be thinking, how would fiberglass be comfortable? But it is! The contouring of its seat and backrest forms to the shape of your body and provides remarkable support. The design is definitely funky and eclectic, plus it comes in a variety of vibrant, attention drawing colors.

However, it also comes in black and white which when paired with wood or metal does not overpower but simply adds a dramatic and eye-catching element to the mix.

The Panton S Chair looks best in a modern, contemporary and retro modern interior design motif but with the right imagination, can find a home anywhere!

It can be used as a dining chair or for additional seating when entertaining guests and makes a great conversation piece. It comes in children’s sizes as well, making it perfect for a children’s playroom or bedroom.

Not only is it great to look at, but it brings a piece of 1960 modern design history into your home.

You can find the Panton S Chair and similar modern furniture and decor from trusted online sellers.

July 1st, 2017 by Alex

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