Conserve Electricity Within

Electric bills can be quite the monthly expenditure and hassle especially if you have a larger family than most. In providing yourself and your family with alternative sources of lighting during the night and adopting techniques to conserve electricity, you can truly cut the cost and put some extra cash in your pocket.

How often do you and your family leave the lights on in the house when leaving to go somewhere? Do you ever leave anything else turned on too? Did you know that even when things are plugged into your outlets, they’re still consuming a constant flow of electricity?
Take a stand for your monthly electric bill, take a stand for change within your household.
Unplug and turn off all electronic based sappers when unused!

Some alternative in-home lighting that is easily accessible and affordable are…

1.Candles – Candles are a reliable and cost efficient light source that provide a wonderfully warm ambiance to any and all rooms they reside in. Additionally, candles do not emit any strenuous light rays as the typical electric light bulbs do.

2.Oil Lamps – Blast from the past! Adopt an oil lamp into your home for another cost efficient alternative. Oil lamps run on many different sources of fuel including animal fats, cooking oils and kerosene. Typically you want to lean towards a fuel that has very minimal scent and smoke to eliminate any potential side emissions of such from being in your home.

3. Solar lights – Invest in some solar powered lighting to keep outdoors and bring it indoors at night! Again limiting the amount of negative emissions that would normally coexist with the typical unnatural light fixtures.

Alternative living for Alternative expenditures!

June 30th, 2017 by Alex

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