Reuse Yesterday Coffee

Waking up in the morning to make that cup of joe to realize that the pot of coffee from yesterday still isn’t finished can be a little unnerving. There are multiple recycling options for leftover brewed coffee and also the used coffee grounds.

Freeze your leftover coffee to create coffee ice cubes! No more watered down iced-coffee!

Create a meat marinade with olive oil, your favorite spices and your left-over brew for a robust and delicious taste!

Some plants like the Japanese iris or magnolia require higher acidity content in their soils. Add a few tablespoons of your leftover coffee to their soil to give them that needed boost! Be sure not to over saturate with coffee, for it could be detrimental to the overall health of the plant.

Replace some of the milk in your favorite brownie recipe with coffee to make mocha brownies.

Leftover coffee grounds are an amazing exfoliant for the skin, mix with 1 parts coffee grounds, 2 parts coconut oil to create an amazing facial mask.

Low on dish soap? Use the leftover coffee grounds and hot water to clean your dishes of grime.

It is important to find every purpose for all of the things we would potentially just throw away, saving us not only resources from the earth but, resources from our pocket!

June 23rd, 2017 by Alex

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