The Hans Wegner Hoop Chair

This stylish and innovative Hans Wegner Hoop Chair is a beautiful representation of mid-century modern danish design. The Hans Wegner Hoop Chair adopted its name from its designer, Hans Wegner.

Wegner was a danish furniture designer that created his designs in with functionality and human form in mind, this style was called “organic functionality.” The idea was to create interior furnishings that were ultra-comfortable, shaping themselves to adapt to the human form while also having features that made them highly useful for whichever purpose they served without compromising aesthetic.

It comes as no surprise to see how the Hans Wegner Hoop Chair would encompass these qualities. The Hans Wegner Hoop Chair has a unique, circular shape with a sculptural appearance. It features a contoured designed made with natural materials.

Aside from its physical appearance, which would look nicely in contemporary, modern and rustic interior design motifs, it’s built in a way that enhances lifestyle. Its solid wood frame is sturdy and stable and the backrest is made of naval rope that cradles the body. The headrest features a soft cushion while the seat features a plush, concave cushion. These features provide superior comfort and durability if used frequently. Additionally, the back legs conveniently have wheels, making it a mobile lounge chair!

Highly accurate reproductions of the Hans Wegner Hoop Chair, in a variety of fabrics, colors and wood finishes, can be purchased by trusted sellers of mid-century modern and contemporary home furnishings.

June 14th, 2017 by Alex

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