6 Different and Easy Ways to Rearrange Your Bedroom to Help You Sleep Better

Bring harmony and balance to your bedroom and sleep cycle by following some simple ways from a metaphysical and physical perspective.

  • Make sure your bed is open on both sides so you can climb in and cozy up from either side. This is said to reflect your internal openness, like that of the heart and of the mind. This is especially important when attempting to attract a romantic partner. If one side of the bed is pushed up against a wall, it’s like saying “i’m really only accessible from this side, and this side is my side, so you can come into this side but it may be hard to get out, move around or come back in.” Additionally, it is much more convenient, safer and comfortable when both sides of your nest are open and accessible
  • Do not have the head of your bed against a wall that shares a wall with a bathroom or a kitchen. The draining of the water is said to promote a draining of your energy especially when used in conjunction with sleep where your mind and body is more relaxed and vulnerable. If you have a space that does not give you a choice but to have your beds head sharing a wall with a bathroom or kitchen, then make sure you have a bed headrest. Bed headrests create a “mini” wall or barrier separating the actual bed from the shared wall. This is also why some feng shui practitioners suggest keeping the lid on the toilet seat closed and the bathroom door shut at all times. For those looking for a more practical reason – the frequent running water through the pipes or general bathroom use during the night creates sound whether fully waking you up or not which unsettles the natural REM cycles we experience as human beings to achieve the best sleep we possibly can.



  • Never have mirrors facing you while you sleep. If you are in bed and you can see yourself in the mirror, then you need to move the mirror or the bed. On a metaphysical level, mirrors are said to be portals to other worlds that work both ways. Thus, when in the vulnerable state of slumber, you wouldn’t want anything or anyone to see you on the other side! However, on a more practical note, mirrors reflect light, you are a source of light, so whether or not you are actually directly looking into the mirror or pointing a light source at it, the mirror creates the illusion of light and space. The less light and the cozier the space when you sleep the better for our natural rem cycles, also simulating the mothers womb.



  • Never have your feet facing in the direction of a door while you are lying and/or sleeping in bed. This is especially true for the main or bedroom door, but could also affect you if feet are pointing towards a bedroom closet door. The ritual way dead bodies are carried in caskets to and from their locations during funerals is always feet first. The feet pointing towards an open doorway symbolically represents this corpse position and some people have described having strong feelings of anxiousness or panic attacks and night terrors as a result.
  • No electronic or digital lights and devices. If you can remove all electronic devices from your bedroom, do it! You will be amazed at how all that background buzzing you could hear and even the buzzing you cant perceive with your ears is having an affect on your mind and body while you sleep. You will feel calmer and more relaxed without all the stimulation from devices you arent even directly interacting with. If you cant remove the devices, then at least unplug them from their electrical source as this is where theirĀ  primary energy is generated from – plus it helps save on electric bills too!

While there are many ways to help promote sleep and to make it so you get the most restful sleep possible, give these super easy ways a try and see how you feel! Sweet dreams ~~~

June 13th, 2017 by Alex

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