Taking direction from Mr. West

While some stopped listening after the five minute ovation Kanye happily greeted last night, I continued listening. The reason being, that despite his previous character flaws and memorable faux pas – he is a creative genius. What I got from his speech at the VMA’s last night – was that no matter what the artist is creating in comparison to another, it is still art and should be received and held to the same regard as the next. And that is something to be appreciated, celebrated, and shared. There are no winners or losers when it comes to creation. While it may not have been said as such – this was the intended meaning. I have always been a fan of Kanye – maybe not his lack of a filter, but for his ambition, creativity and dedication to the art. So while I can’t say I am a huge fan of his actions – I am a huge fan of his creative genius. So today, we’re taking direction from Mr. West. Check out six different ways he amplified his talents into creating his family home.

1. A kitchen with cathedral ceilings and pendant lights hanging over marble counter tops creates the perfect ambiance for family get together and holidays.

2. An outdoor/indoor seating area with a rustic feel of wood and brick, brought together by the warmth of a chandelier and cushy sofas with modern throw pillows.

3. An open, airy family room designed with neutral, warm earth tones and accents of black.

4. A beautiful foyer with blends of different textures, marble, brick, and iron, all melded in together for a modern yet sophisticated welcome.

5. And of course – carrying modernism into an all white walk in closet that glistens with sleek, straight lines and recess lighting.

6. The open airy hallways with gothic style chandeliers and flowers placed to provide a subtle touch of softness.

August 31st, 2015 by Christina

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