Fun with Photography

May is a month of celebration of many things, Mother’s Day especially. An observation of the art of Photography is also celebrated this month. I have always loved looking at photographs, old and new – whether they are portraits, landscapes, or wedding photographs – they truly hold a thousand words. Actually, they hold more. Check out six different ways to incorporate photography into your home décor in some very unique ways. Perfect Mother’s Day gifts as well!

1. Canvas – I love this idea – it is a photograph of a bride’s bouquet from her wedding day. The couple had it blown up on an adhesive canvas, and made it a statement wall. Gorgeous way to remember that special day.

2. Photo Booth – Larger than Life Photo booth! Another fun idea, blown up photos put together to make a photo booth like effect. A great way to incorporate separate family members into one shot!

3. Quilt- This is really unique! I had originally saw this is a movie years ago, and loved the idea. Perfect for mothers and other family members who live far away, and could use some warm memories from time to time.

4. Furniture – I love this idea! It would be great for a shared bedroom for children, i.e. putting each child’s photo on one dresser so they could identify which belonged to them. Great idea!

5. Letters – Make a collage and turn it into your favorite words, or quotes! The usage of “Joy” is beautiful; I also was fond of “Family” and “Love.”

6. Lampshade – Shed some light on your favorite moments! This DIY project might be trickier than most, but definitely worth the effort.

Hope you enjoyed these six different ways, and maybe your Mother will too! =)

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