Cinco different ways to decorate in Mayo

So it’s Cinco de Mayo! Grab a frothy margarita and take a seat. Here are five different ways (I know, it’s supposed to be six but I had to!) to decorate your home with a touch of Mexico! Try one or all, I am so in love with the bright colors and mixture of prints and patterns – there is really no way this could go wrong! Mexican style is heavily influenced by Spanish, Native American -specifically Aztec and Mayan among many others cultures. A lot of the concepts, traditions, colors and customs were passed down and melded into what we now call modern Mexico.

1. Colorful Furniture – Mix it, match it, the brighter the better! Statement pieces are staples to Mexican style design. If you don’t want to make the jump to colorful furniture- take a small step to…

2. Bright Accent Walls – The Spanish influenced architecture of Mexico provides some beautiful archways, ceilings, and woodwork. Here we see a carved out geometric wall which is painted a lovely teal and topped off with Aztec wall art. I love the combination of color and shape – it really makes for a great conversation piece. If you don’t have the advantage of having structures like these, you could always paint them – of course using a bright hue – onto your wall, furniture, etc.

3. Moravian Hanging Stars – These are another item you are sure to see when in Mexico. They have a religious symbolism, however, they are used in decor and design and have been for years. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, color and are made from different materials. Some even light up! A room full of Moravian Star Light is surely a sight to see.

4. Bold colors paired with geometric shapes – Hot Pink, turquoise, and a lovely black and white Aztec patterned floor are just some of the highlights of this modern Mexican Lounge. Pair several colors, or even just one – (I’d go for a canary yellow) with two toned geometric floors, or furniture.

5. Hand Painted Ceramic Tile – Ok, so you might not know, or want to hand paint tiles. However, you can purchase wall art that has the same aesthetic as these hand painted tiles that are common to Mexico – most of the time blue and white. The paintings on the ceramics usually are traditional folk designs from years and years ago and add a traditional feel to any space.

So now you have Cinco different ways to infuse your home with a little of taste of Mexico! Happy Cinco de Mayo & Enjoy!

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