Shabby Chic Design: Love this Look?

Like stepping into a whimsical, real-life dollhouse, shabby chic interior design can give your home that quaint and cozy feeling while maintaining a modern and high-quality style. Most shabby chic interior spaces are created using light colors. Cream, white and beige colored furnishings made from wood or wicker with distressed details and an antiqued finish keep that modern and minimalistic style while the worn features give it a rustic edge. When using lighter colors you also have more room to play around with the colors and style of accent pieces. Pastel pinks, light blues and calm lavenders as accents give it a feminine and delicate appearance. Intricate chandeliers and glamorous light fixtures make perfect accent pieces as well. This is a great look to use for the interior of a beach house, a girls bedroom or a cozy kitchen.

May 7th, 2014 by Alexandra Christina

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