Creative Mandalas for Inspirational Decor

The way you design your home can be a vivid representation of who you are. By using a mandala in your interior space you can shine light on a specific aspect of your inner landscape.

The Mandala is the Sanskrit word for “circle” or “completion.”  The mandala has a vast history among many people and different cultures. Buddhists, Tibetans and Hindus have all derived intrinsic meaning from the mandala and view it as a sacred symbol of deep spiritual significance and a representation of wholeness.

In the west, psychoanalyst Carl Jung has described the mandala as being “a representation of the unconscious self.” The mandala is a reflection of its creator and can be found not only in our imaginations but in nature as well. On a small scale, some examples of mandalas include flowers, seashells and tree trunks – on a much larger scale you can view planet earth and our entire universe as being in the shape of a mandala!

Flower Mandala: Dahlia

Below are some stunning examples of how mandalas can be used to beautify your living space:

Bookshelf Mandala

Mandala Bedding and Blankets

Mirror Mandala

Mandala Coasters

Rug Mandala

Mandala Clock

Bowl Mandala

Wall Art: Crochet Mandalas

Mosaic Mandala Rocking Chair

Mandala Reclaimed Wood Table


Incorporate mandalas in and throughout your home as a reminder of your inner creator!

August 12th, 2013 by Alexandra Christina

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