Funky Furniture Friday: Dazzling Mirrors


Mirrors can be used for more than just looking at your own pretty face!

Decorating with mirrors can be very versatile when redesigning your home. You can use mirrors for ornamental effects as well as for practical purposes. For instance, you can easily acquire affordable, high-quality custom mirrors and have them designed in any shape or interesting look you want or you can try shopping around at various thrift stores, flea markets and furniture stores that carry unique and interesting items. Once you’ve got your funky new mirror, strategically mount them on different parts of your walls to create interesting designs and patterns. On the practical side, mirrors can reflect light within a room, giving the appearance of the room looking and feeling lighter. For smaller or cluttered spaces, mirrors can also make a room look larger as well.

Butterfly Mirror

Bubble Mirror

Circular Mirrors

Colorful Mirrors

Flying Birds Mirror

Mosaic Mirror


Interested in decorating with mirrors? Take your time, keep your eyes peeled for snazzy designs and don’t forget to reflect on it!

August 9th, 2013 by Alexandra Christina

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